Let me tell you how I feel
without really telling you
let me tell you what you want to hear 
let me split my mind in two

let me keep my stories short
keep them to myself
let me mellow out my emotions
the descriptions, my mental health

let me push down my personality
let me shield you from the truth
I swear to god, I'm so vanilla
no need to introduce..

the honesty about myself
just listen to my lies
everything about me is vanilla
I'm sorry I can't moralize

the rights and wrongs of what I'm doing
this doesn't feel like it's wrong
it's just a self made protection
that's been there for way too long

let me hide my ideas, my dark thoughts or even my moments of joy
because I just don't want to bore you
I can't bare that I even toy

toy with your emotions, or mess with your ideas
so I keep myself vanilla
I have for years and years