In the past year I tried to strip my blog back to basics. I tried to find my passion for this whole blogging malarkey again, and, I will say, I did kind of succeed, but not enough to completely wipe away my self-doubt.

Something I wrote in my notes, on my phone, recently was:

"I don't know what I want to create anymore. I've felt lost for a while now in terms of the content I'm making, and nothing seems to be working. 

I've been through waves of creating all kinds of different content throughout the years, and every time I think I've found 'my style', it all starts to feel alien again.

No matter what creative route I've taken, nothing has felt like 'home', or at least a good enough home to *compete* with the amazing content that is out there nowadays."

After writing that, I took a little step back. I considered if I really enjoyed the content I was making, did it give me a buzz like it should? I thought about what imagery I like seeing from other people, what I like to read about and realised that maybe I'm approaching this whole thing all wrong for the blogging-crazed-world we're in nowadays.

Sure, it felt nice to strip everything back to basics, shooting in my bedroom for a while, but I would feel SO inspired and *envious* when I'd see my favourite bloggers posting amazing street style shots and editorial content. "I WANT TO BE LIKE THAT" I'd think. And, well, I'm realising, there's nothing stopping me from doing that, other than myself.

Okay, yes, maybe I don't live super close to the city, or in a place with beautiful backdrops accessible as soon as I walk out my door, but I do have to motivation to make plans with photographers, come up with cool outfits and work my arse off to truly be in love with the content I'm making for you guys.

Plus, I've felt so confused about my own style lately, that this whole 'taking a step back' process has made me realise the kind of style I am most drawn to and how much fun I used to have by putting more planning into my looks.

So, everything is having a bit of a 'refresh', and if you're a friend of mine, expect to be roped into taking photos for me very soon (lol). I'm hoping to make 2019 an amazing year, with a whole new perspective on content... let's give it a go!