Well, I haven't done one of these in a while - I thought I had but it turns out my last 'Things To Be Happy About' was back in May?! Madness.

Anyway, I've been kind of all over the place lately. This year is definitely giving me some ups and downs, but after spending the last evening moping around in my own self pity, I thought it'd be good for me to focus on some positives today.



I mean, this isn't new news to you guys, if you follow anything of mine you'll know I can't help but mention my gorgeous boyfriend, Josh, at any chance I get.

I'm a romantic - an absolute soppy sop sop. I love anything that's even the slightest bit lovey dovey or a little bit PDA, I'm a complete and utter sucker for it.

The thing is though, no matter how long Josh and I have been together, nothing has began to change. Nothing has began to 'crack' and no annoying habits have popped up. I just completely adore him (and hopefully he does me). He's my best friend, as well as the worlds most wonderful boyfriend and it's the one thing in the world that gives me 100% comfort and happiness.

My relationship makes everything else feel that little bit lighter and irrelevant. When I feel stressed with work, or my mental health is a little bit messy, I always have the idea of Josh and how solid my relationship is to get me through that. It's my one constant in my very confusing life that I'm so so grateful for.

So yeah, I'm very very happy that I'm very very in love.

(sorry if I made you all vomit a bit lol)



The last week or so has been mad busy for me. It all kind of came at once, which is super exciting, but also a little draining when I've been in a bit of a weird place.

I'm so happy about it though: I got to spend 5 days in London working with amazing brands and seeing friends, then headed back to Manchester to watch Good Future (Josh's band) play their gig at Jimmy's, then have thrown myself right back into shooting and creating content again.

There's no stopping for me (besides today... I'm writing this from my bed in my pyjamas).

I love being busy, despite how easily drained I get, it's a big reminder of why I do what I do and how much I love it all. It's nice to be working, evolving my content and collaborating with amazing people - I'm so happy with what I've come up with and worked on so far this year


Lately, the weather has been warming up and the sunshine has been peaking through that little bit more every week.

I'm so eager for summer to come around and to ditch my giant fluffy coats for a bit.

Waking up to sunshine is such a mood-booster. It's so much nicer to see blue skies, rather than grey, or to be out shooting photos when it's above 10 degrees, rather than battling rain and wind trying to get a decent shot.

Like these photos for example; Shooting with Beth in London, amongst a beautiful city in the sunshine was absolutely glorious - the sunshine always brings out the best in everything.

If the sun could stick around now, it'd make me one very happy girl haha.