After a couple days of glorious sunshine, it feels weird to be sent back to having awful rainy weather and making sure I've packed my umbrella in my bag *sigh*.

I was really starting to embrace my 'spring style' and to be honest, now I'm waayyyy too excited to be donning my floaty dresses and cute slip on shoes and don't know whether I can handle layering up in my fluffy ensembles again.

Sure, I'm most likely going to freeze to death every time I leave the house, but in my mind, Spring is here and I'm more than ready for it.


I feel bad for getting excited over the weirdly tropical weather for the time of year - of course the state of the planet and climate change has been imminent in everyone's minds - but the appearance of sunshine is always a huge mood-lifter for me and I can't deny that.

"Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you"

On Wednesday this week, I attended an event for NEXT and got to have the loveliest evening with an amazing bunch of ladies.

It was weird to be turning up to a February event with everyone embracing the oddly warmer weather in pretty little dresses and only their 1 jacket added for layering, but you could see we were all getting ready to whip out our summer wardrobes as soon as the sunshine decides it wants to stay.

At the event I wore this gorgeous & Other Stories dress, which is one of my summer go-tos. I added my long Topshop blazer/jacket over the top, which I adored paired with the length of the dress, and then simply slipped into my new Primark pointed flats, which I'm obsessed with right now.

Samio commented on the fact that I was completely embracing the spring-vibes and, she's right, I well and truly am!

I'm looking forward to the warmer months and getting to style dresses and cute cami tops again. As much as I love winter dressing, there's nothing like being able to step out into the city with beautiful sunshine on your face and throwing together an outfit without worrying that torrential rain is going to ruin it.

Bring on Spring!