I don't know what it is, but the past few days I've felt completely lost for words, for creative energy - just any of the stuff I need to get up and at 'em each morning and get on with things. Maybe it's the yo-yoing weather, or the fact that all my friends have flooded off to nice hot countries and my holiday still isn't for another few weeks (not jealous, not jealous at all), so I'm left with no one to hang out with and work with. No matter what it is, I haven fallen, fallen into the slump of no creativity. So, to give myself a bit of a boost, to any of you guys out there who might need it too, here are 5 ways I try to get inspired when I feel like all inspiration is lost.


To-Do Lists

You can't go wrong with list-making. Nothing gets all those jobs and worries out of your head better than writing them down and ticking them off one by one. There's something so therapeutic about it, right? Sometimes writing down even the most mundane of things and ticking it off can help you feel motivated (1. make bed...CHECK! 2. drink coffee... CHECK!) 

I also love making lists of goals that I'd like to reach or lists of writing ideas too - often we have all these things swirling round in our brains, but putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) helps clarify everything.

Writing down goals is a great one for when you need to feel inspired. For example, I might want to shoot for/work with a particular brand - a brand I've always dreamed of collaborating with. Finally getting to tick that off my goal list and having the content right there in front of me would feel super rewarding if it were to happen.

Look At Images That Inspire You

I can find Instagram frustrating at times, but there's no doubt that it is my go-to source for finding inspiration when it comes to imagery. You will have already noticed I've tried to shake things up a bit this year, producing imagery that I'm much happier with and feels so much more 'me'... but that's not to say that sometimes I'm left wondering what on earth to create.

It's hard not to get knocked down by the idea of 'what content preforms best' or 'my content doesn't look as good as their's', but all in all as long as you produce something you love, and get enjoyment out of shooting it, then you're on the right track.

There are always certain content creators that I love to see on my feed, so I usually head there first to see whether anything can spark a light-bulb moment for me, but lately I've been trying to find new people to follow too. I love discovering new accounts, seeing how different people shoot and style things. It's been really refreshing and I highly recommend having a little search and refreshing the images on your feed a bit - there are so many amazing creatives out there!

I also love using Instagram to create 'saved' folders - I have several of them dedicated to shoot ideas and outfits that I like. Whenever I'm in doubt, I always click open those folders and have a scan through. Sometimes just 1 image can remind you of something similar you have in your wardrobe or spark an idea of some new make-up looks you want to try.


As much as I love writing, I also have a big love for reading too. Although I might not always grab for my ever-growing collection of hardback books (seriously, I have so many that I need to make the time to read!) I'm always reading blog posts or searching for new poetry accounts to follow. Magazines are also great too - maybe not to inspire words per-say, but I have stacks and stacks of Vogue magazines that I love to read through when I need a bit of fashion enlightenment.

Poetry has always been a big source of inspiration for me. The way words can make you feel, or the way one or two words can spark a whole blog post idea in my head. I think poetry is magical like that. Some of my favourites are Eleanor Russel, S.L Gray, Charly Cox, Kamilla Tolno and I love Morgan Harper Nichols' account for inspiring words too!

Get Styling 

When in doubt, root through your wardrobe and remind yourself of all the pieces you have - get creative with them, try out different pieces together. I love laying pieces out on my bed and seeing what works - mixing matches colours or even just planning looks for up coming holidays/events. It makes me super excited to wear/shoot them.

Or, if your wardrobe has got you feeling a bit 'meh', then a bit of online window shopping always works. I'm not saying that buying clothes makes you feel better but hey, treat yo self!

"you are free to keep your eyes open to every present moment"

Look At The World Around You

I know that when I'm in a slump, it probably means I've been hidden away in my house for too long, forgetting that the outside world exists. I usually force myself outside for a walk, or take myself into town to expose myself to real life again (lol) and it just gives my head that 'refresh' that it needs.

I love people watching - seeing people's personal style, watching interactions. It also helps when the sun is shining - I'm always desperate to get outside when the weather's warm - there are so many happy vibes around you (especially in a Manchester beer garden haha!) You can notice a lot when you take in your surroundings - a lot of things that can be super influential in your writing or your style - it really helps.

Occasionally, I even just take myself round the village where I live and get out the house. There's something about being cooped up inside for a long length of time that seems really dull my creative brain cells. Fresh air, people walking by you, and a blue sky can make all the difference from looking at 4 walls around you.