Until this year, I honestly don't think I had ever really listened to a podcast before (I know, where have I been, right?) but then in came these amazing series, which I just could not resist putting on every time I had some admin or errands to do - they became my first port-of-call when it came to listening to something, even before clicking on my latest Spotify playlist.

I know of some amazing women in this community of creatives, and with a couple of them starting podcasts, and discussing topics which have really helped me feel less alone, or even opened my mind up to new things, I couldn't resist giving them a mention here on my blog.

So, let's see what's been taking up all my spare time, shall we? 

Things You Can't Ask Yer Mum

This podcast by Lindsey Holland and Lizzy Hadfield was the first I ever listened to, and, oh boy, was I hooked instantly.

In this series, these two talented ladies discuss, as you may have guessed from the title, all the things you may not normally ask your mum. This ranges from sex, to grief, to relationships (including friendships) and tackles topics in such a fun, yet analytic and understanding way, and really takes you from one emotion to another.

The first episode had me holding in my laughter on public transport, then there are moments in other episodes which have made me shed tears, and had me listening intently as I've learnt from their experiences and stories.

It's the icing on the cake that these two are the perfect pair for something like this. It's like you're out for lunch with your two best mates, having a good ol' chinwag, and there's something oddly comforting about listening to them chat away (it might be the Northerner in me, who knows? haha)

As someone who's always adored both Lindsey's and Lizzy's work from a blogger perspective, it's so wonderful to have this podcast that let's you get to know the two of them more on a deeper level, rather than just looking at their style and wishing I was as effortlessly cool as them both (seriously, have you seen these girls?!)

It's a truly wonderful podcast, and I can't wait for the second series of episodes to come out so I have something to giggle at on my morning commute again!

Listen HERE

On The Outskirts

Moving onto two other amazing ladies, who honestly are some of the most lovely and down to earth ladies I ever had the pleasure of meeting, it's Alice Catherine's and Sophia Rosemary's podcast, 'On The Outskirts'.

In this series Alice and Sophia discuss all things social media, body image, praising women, as well as chatting away about their current favourite tv series, festivals and, a good ol' British favourite, the weather!

I often find myself listening to their episodes as I potter round my house, tidying my room, making lists, and I always end up giggling away, and once again, just feeling like I'm having a lovely natter with my pals.

I really love the way these two discuss blogger culture, and the world of social media, as it's something I too am dealing with, as we roll with the punches of the ever changing algorithms and Instagram culture.

These girls have the ability to voice so much of what's going round in my own mind, whilst also opening my mind to new things and new perspectives, and I think that's really wonderful.

If you're a fan of inclusive, honest chats, and are also a blogger living outside of the London bubble, then this one is for you.

Listen HERE

Listen Louder

Last but not least, we have a podcast for all those interested in discussions about Mental Health. Megan (Wonderful You) has been one of my favourite bloggers for a really long time. I adore her honesty in everything she creates, and the way in which she tackles tough subjects in such a caring and compassionate way.

This podcast features real conversations, with weekly guests, aiming to break down the stigma around mental health and help others feel less alone with what they're dealing with... and that's truly the beauty of this podcast.

As someone who has struggled with their own mental health, podcasts/blog posts/poems - anything of that ilk - are something that have really helped me to feel more connected with others and make me realise that I'm not so solus in what I am dealing with. In particular, the way that these discussion touch upon different variations of anxiety, depression and body image, have made me feel so comforted.

Megan, as well as being an amazing content creator in general, is the perfect host for this kind of thing. She's kind, caring, willing to open up and help others open up - she's the perfect voice to lead an audience into a better understanding of our minds.

This podcast truly is the safe space everyone needs and I can't wait to listen to more of the episodes and delve deeper into the understanding of both mine and other people's emotions.

Listen HERE