As I woke up yesterday, my head felt clouded. Something felt 'off' and I wasn't hit with that usual Monday morning motivation I expect at the start of each week. I mean, it's fair to say that the days have all blurred into one at this point so, is Monday really Monday anymore? But, you see, I've been trying to approach the days like any normal week whilst working from home, so to not be hit with the ambition to create and tackle things head-on yesterday morning really threw me.

I spent most of my morning plodding around the house, coffee in hand, wondering if inspiration would strike. It got to lunch time before I decided to put on a face of make-up and try and shoot something. It wasn't like I didn't want to get some work done, you know? I just felt a bit flat and lost within the day. And, I have to say, forcing myself to create some images was probably the little push I needed to give myself. It felt good to get something ticked off the to-do list other than showering.

It did feel like I was creating through grated teeth though so, I decided to put the camera aside and head into my garden whilst the sun was showing it's face.

Honestly, the afternoon I spent in my garden yesterday was some of the most calming time I've spent during lockdown. I felt quiet and restful. The sun was beaming, I could hear the birds chirping happily in the trees, and I just felt really at peace. 

I played a game of scrabble with my Mum and brother, which I lost quite significantly at (if you didn't know, my brother is extremely clever, as is my mum), read a chapter of my book (I'm currently reading The Insecure Girls Handbook by Liv Purvis) and decided the play around with some shadows, shooting images impulsively and appreciating how glorious the weather had turned. 

Besides taking images, I had a good few hours away from my phone and it felt really good. Sometimes I need to remember to step away from technology and just 'live'. I get so caught up in the online world, and specifically yesterday, I was having a huge day of self-doubt and comparison.

Sunshine can truly be the best medicine and I really enjoyed being present in life yesterday. I need to do more of it.

All my love, keep safe x

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