Is there anything more satisfying these days then getting up, getting dressed, slipping on that fancy new Spring dress you've treated yourself to, and heading to... the garden? Yes, the garden. The place that we've all found solace in lately.

As I've said in the last few blog posts, life is obviously very weird right now however, there are definitely those little things day-to-day that truly help keep our moods up. One of them for me is conducting my own isolation fashion show in the garden. There's something quite nice about getting dolled-up to sit in the back yard, glass of pinot in one hand, book in the other. It's oddly something that's keeping me feeling 'human', and like life hasn't come to a complete stand-still. 

I mean, even with no one to see my outfits beside my Mum and Dad, who still question me with "why've you put that nice dress on to just sit here?", getting up, making myself feel nice, just like I would under regular circumstances, manages to keep my confidence up - keep my spirits high - and I think if something can do that for you right now, you should do it.


In today's edition of 'Holly's Isolation Extravaganza', I'm wearing an outfit that might seem a little out of character for me. I'm not normally one for a lot of colour in my wardrobe, but when this Neon Rose dress caught my eye, I couldn't resist.

This dress was kindly gifted to me, not long before lockdown began, and it's such a perfect Spring piece, I just can't let it go to waste!

Here I've teamed it with an old favourite of mine, my red Zara jumper, as well as my trusty white Topshop heels. I love the way the dress looks peaking out underneath the layers, and I love the block of red paired with the fun floral pattern. 

There's something within me lately that's just crying out to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe (I think it's the glorious weather we're having) and this outfit has been a great place to start!

I'm now on the hunt for some pastel yellow pieces, as I've seen soooo many people looking amazing in that shade over on Instagram, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!

Stay safe everyone, all my love x

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