Hello guys!

I really enjoyed sharing my last 'Life In Black & White' post with you, so I thought I would make it a regular thing. Some posts may just be filled with images I've taken that I'm itching to share, and others may be a little more wordy, either way, I hope you enjoy these little snapshots of life.

From flowers blooming, ideas flowing, to evening glasses of wine, days sat in the sun, and some days simply never leaving my bed, the last few weeks have been filled with lots of ups and downs. I've found it particularly difficult to find my feet this week most of all and, by the sounds of it, a lot of us have felt the same.

Whether it was the announcement last weekend that made us feel a little confused and flat, or just the fact that our energy levels have all synced up and decided to plateau, there's been something weird in the air this week (it feels wrong to say that considering COVID-19, but I can't think of another metaphor right now, it's too early).

I feel like I've been pushing through a clouded mind and it's ironic that the week where I have lots of work to get on with is the week I've felt least creative and motivated.

Despite that 'flat' feeling that's lingered over me, I've still managed to do a couple of nice things with my time this week.

Josh taught me how to make a caramel latte over Facetime, since we've both been missing our daily dose of Costa Coffee and couldn't last a minute longer without a decent sip of caffeinated goodness. We both ordered some syrups to get delivered so we could enjoy the full 'faux Costa' experience and, I'm not going to lie, I've already run out of my caramel one - it's just so good! He works in a coffee shop, so I've been taught some professional skills here, which I am truly putting to use everyday now (seriously, I've already had 2 and it's only 8:30am *help*).

I also did some more baking! I obviously made cookies, since it's the only thing I really know how to bake, but my Mum and I made some Reece's buttercup cookies, as well as some good ol' Smarties ones, and they were pretty damn good if you ask me! Baking seems to be another thing I'm excelling my skills in - not sure why all my skills have turned to making food and drink though haha.

I've taken a lot of solace in the evenings lately. I really appreciate that time of day where I'm simply allowed to wind down and chill out.

My days have felt quite stressful, with long to-do lists and no energy left to complete them. Like I said earlier, it's felt like I've been trying to work with a completely foggy mindset this week, and there's nothing less motivating than that really. So, when the clock hits 5pm, it's straight back into some comfies and a cup of tea made! It's really nice to try and switch off from everything and just engross myself in some cheesy Disney+.

And, although the workload has felt quite difficult due to my complete loss of creativity (urgh), there's still this big ball of excitement inside me about it, and anything that I have managed to shoot this week, I've very happy with and truly can't wait to share.

I really do feel like a roller-coaster of emotions and thoughts right now - I guess that kind of shows in this blog post haha. But regardless, who isn't going to feel like that right now? I mean, who knows how to feel? 

I hope you're all well anyway. All my love x