Hey guys! I hope you're all doing well? I feel like I haven't sat down to write anything in a while... I guess you could say that I've had writers block or something but, to be honest, I've just been feeling a little unmotivated and tired. Life's starting to feel a little bit like a blur now, right? 

I've felt this kind of 'uninspired' feeling for a little while now. It seems to come in waves, but when it comes it's almost creatively paralysing. I think I'm just beginning to feel a bit trapped with only the four walls of my bedroom to be creative in. There's only so many corners of my room to use, you know? 

I'm nervous, but also really excited, for the day that I head back into the city. I'm anxious about the new 'norm', but SO ready to have more space to express my ideas and use for images again.

But anyway, despite the lack of energy and loss for words I've been experiencing, the past week has involved some lovely things, so I thought I'd share those with you today!

The first thing being my birthday! Last week I turned 22 (and yes, I did play Taylor Swift all day long). It felt kind of weird to be having a birthday in lockdown - I'd usually be heading into Manchester's Northern Quarter with my pals or something - but it turned out to be the loveliest day (and also the hottest day... it was 30°C!)

I spent my day surrounded by loved ones, fruity cider in hand and bucket hat on head, just getting to celebrate another year of life!

I love celebrating my birthday, as self indulgent as that seems, but birthdays seem to mean a lot to me. I think it stems from all the years I wasted not celebrating birthdays or special occasions properly as a teenager. So yeah, I really like to make the most of my birthday now when it rolls around...plus, it's just nice to be the center of attention sometimes, right? haha

The day after my birthday, my amazing Mum surprised my with a new bag - the bag I'd been eyeing up after seeing everyone on Instagram with one.

I don't often treat myself to accessories and things. I eye them up, thing they're so cool and then never bother to get one for myself, so this was a really love present to get.

So, as you can see above, I now have a big beautiful croissant bag in my collection and I'm very happy about it!

You can shop this yourself HERE.

The days since then have just involved me working from home still - nothing too riveting. I've had a few campaigns to work on, which is always exciting, and I've been moodboarding a lot - trying to get that 'spark' back.

My days have been very coffee-fueled and sometimes involved a lot of zoning out into the abyss of Netflix, but I'm trying to remind myself that it's okay to do that sometimes. Before I know it, I'll be back at my part-time retail job, so I better make the most of those lazy days!

I did have a really bad reaction in one of my eyes, which lead to me having to get some super strong drowsy antihistamines, so I have been taking a few afternoon naps too haha. It's very unlike me to do that, I always wake up thinking it's the next morning!

But yeah, that's all I really have to fill you in on! I'm hoping July brings some new changes (I can't actually believe it's July already!) and that we all get to reunite with friends, loved ones and our favourite cafes soon!

Look after yourselves x