It's been a long time since I've been able to say I've not been into the city. I'm someone who's regularly back-and-to to Manchester, London or wherever, and I'm basically always on the move. I never normally have the time to sit at home and rest up like I have done this year. Yet, 2020 threw me in a spin and held me hostage to my home village of grass, horses and local pubs, and it's now been 5 months since I've seen my favourite place and all it's hustle and bustle. Soon, however, I'm heading back to work and I'll hopefully be comforted by my old routine in doing so. Honestly, I just can't actually wait to have my normality back again.


It's strange to think that I've not been into Manchester for such a long period of time. Manchester has always felt like home to me, sometimes even more than my actual home does. It feels like somewhere I can just 'be'. I can walk round there, no fear of who I am or what people think. It's where my friendships began, where my relationship began, it's the place that sparked that feeling of 'self' when I felt completely lost.

Not only that, but it's a place filled with so much opportunity and excitement for me. It's a place with something new around every corner and it's crazy how much inspiration you can find there. I love that about city life.

I think as much as I love my home comforts, my own company, my own space and privacy of home, I really do feel like I thrive more when surrounded by the busy streets and the bumping into friends that the city always offers me. I've been longing for coffee dates with pals as we both finish our morning shifts, and I've even been reminiscing the slow walkers on Market Street as I'm trying to race myself down to the Zara sale. It's weird that such little things that can make such a big difference to how I feel, but god I've forgotten how much a city can excite me.

One thing I've missed more than anything is the creative freedom the city brings. I've missed the tall buildings and the retro cafes in the Northern Quarter. I've missed stepping off the train and having a dreamy backdrop right in front of me or the ability to stop and take a picture no matter where I am. I've missed graffiti on walls and music from bars filling the streets, even just the simple things like noticing the little huddles of people having their lunch breaks in Cathedral Gardens. The city is the place where my creative spark flies, and to be reunited with Manchester, after 5 long months of quiet village life, will be just what I've been needing.

So, yeah, here's to a little slice of normality again and goodbye to the long 5 months that have kept me and my favourite city apart. ♥

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