Life lately has felt so busy. If I haven't been at home shooting images or dragging my Mum to aesthetically pleasing walls so she can snap an outfit photo, I've been on-the-go modelling, catching trains and drinking copious amounts of coffee. I think I expected to leave my part time job and settle into quiet weeks filled with panic and 'oh no, what have I done?', but I feel so grateful to have been so occupied with so many amazing jobs.

Saying that though, I do actually have a bit of quieter week this week. It's Sunday as I type this and I've dedicated yesterday and today to doing nothing but relaxing, getting my thoughts out onto paper (and here on my blog, of course) and just letting myself rest. I think I've needed these few days to process the last week or so - to let it sink in that I'm freelance again and where I'll go from here. 

Given that I'm 'letting it sink in', I thought I'd write up the past week or so in a blog post as part of the process, and to also let you guys see what I've been up to recently.

At the end of September, I left my part time retail job and jumped straight into modelling. I got to shoot for Vildnis, who are an amazing brand who focus on taking responsibility for their environmental, social and economic impact, whilst also creating the most gorgeous pieces.

We shot at Beehive Studio in Manchester (which is always one of my favourite places to shoot) and had such a lovely day. I got to be reunited with the super talented Ema Crompton, after waaay too long and the sun was shining SO beautifully that day too, so we got some lovely golden hour shots!

The day after, I was reunited with the fab team at Rock On Ruby - a brand and team who I absolutely love working for. My shoot days with them are always so much fun and I loved getting to work along side the gorgeous Rihver and Morgan Barfield again too! 

This time we shot at Editorial Studios - another dreamy spot for shoots in Manchester. We headed up to their rooftop at the end of the day and caught some really cool images (despite the weather being super windy and nearly blowing us all away haha).


I was lucky enough to have gotten to partner with Sezane in September, on a campaign they're doing with Manchester based creatives. They kindly gifted me some amazing pieces to style, whilst also filling me in on their great initiative. 

You can currently get free delivery and special gift with your order, whilst Sezane also give 10% of sales to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, using the code 'MANCHESTER'.  It's such a great way to treat yourself, whilst also giving to others in the process. 

I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!

The last few days of the month were spent celebrating mine and Josh's 2 year anniversary. If you know me, then you'll know I'm a person who loves the celebrate any occasion and I'm also a soppy git, so I knew I wanted to do something nice for it.

Given the current circumstances, we were kind of limited to what we could do, but we had a lovely nights stay at Whitworthe Locke and also enjoyed the most delicious meal (and cocktails) at the Alchemist

We then had the perfect (hangover) breakfast at Foundation Coffee House. I was surprised I could still be hungover with a 10pm curfew, but there we go haha! All in all it was a weekend filled with my lovely boyfriend, great food and a gorgeous place to stay. 

Heading into the start of October, I had two more lovely shoots lined up, the first one being with Oubas Knitwear, who create simple, sustainable and luxurious pieces, which reflect the artisanal history of Cumbria and The Lake District where they are based. 

I headed to Cumbria nice and early, meeting the lovely Kate at the train station (dodging the pouring down rain the process). We were so worried about the weather - it was typical that we'd planned to shoot in the beautiful outdoors on a day where rain and cloud was forecast all day long. I have to say though, I think we absolutely used the windy weather to our advantage and got some amazing shots. Plus, it's always nice to be shooting cosy knitwear when it's cold! 

We worked with several locations, which was lovely for me, because Cumbria is so so different to the city life and tall industrial buildings I'm used to. I really got to have a little day of exploring in the process of shooting. I was constantly staring out the car window on the way to each place, taking in the cobbled streets and fields filled with fluffy cows. I loved it!

I think Oubas reflect the homely feel that Cumbria has so so well, and it was such a joy to explore, shoot and spend the day with Kate and the talented Jayde too! 

The last shoot I have to mention was with Wilderness Bride - the most gorgeous Bridal Wear brand creating classic, simple and elegant pieces designed and made in the UK. I've worked with Wilderness Bride previously but this time around felt so special, with the most wonderful team. 

I've been wanting to work with the amazing Rosie Woods for so long (I'm truly obsessed with her photography) and I finally had to the chance to.  I also had Lisa Simms doing the most beautiful hair and make up (I will be trying to recreate this hairstyle for the foreseeable future) and we had this stunning floral display by Living Colour Flowers.

I mean, if a day of wearing wedding dress after wedding dress isn't the best day ever then, what is? I'm always in awe of the beautiful creations Wilderness Bride have, and even though I was simply modelling the dresses, I felt so special in their gorgeous space! 

I can't wait to see the rest of the images from this shoot - it was a dream!