Life lately has felt so hectic. Christmas is always such a busy time of year and I feel like I've not yet had a minute to process the fact that the wild year of 2020 is coming to a close. Lockdown 2.0 ended here in the UK on the 2nd, and here where I live we've been plonked in Tier 2, which I guess is a slight relief. 

I'm definitely looking forward to things slowing down over the week of Christmas, indulging in mince pies and drinking my way through bottles of Baileys - I think it'll be the time a lot of us have needed for a while. 

Regardless of how hectic the month of December is, I thought I'd spend a little time to share with you what I've been up to lately, despite it not being a lot other than work and watching the I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here final. 

Other than hiding under my duvet as the temperate dropped to a cold cold 5°C, I found myself really loving getting outside and going for walks during Lockdown 2.0. Josh and I went on a little adventure one week where we sat on a hill and watched all the cute dogs play and drank hot chocolate - it was a nice little escape from the weird reality for while!

I really love this time of year where all the leaves has fallen and the weather starts to feel crisp and fresh too. I'm just waiting for the winter sunshine to be waking me up in the morning rather than grey cloud (seriously, give me some winter sun!)

Most recently, we put the Christmas tree up, which always helps bring out the festive spirit a little more. I always love having the tree in the corner with it's twinkly lights - I wish it could be up all year round, but I think that would get us a few funny looks from the neighbors!

I've spent a few days wrapping presents, and sorting out some final gifts, but I feel pretty on top of my Christmas shopping this year, which is impressive for little ol' last minute Me. 

I'm really counting down the days now until the 24th - I've always been a huge Christmas lover but this year it just feels like a time that will lift my spirits up more than ever!