This edit is for my guys and gals who love any excuse to dress up and feel glamorous and, let's face it, Christmas is the perfect time of year for that, even despite the pandemic! The glitzy dresses are back in stock, the red nail varnish has been resurrected from the back of the collection, and we're all starting to click on our festive Spotify playlists more regularly than we'd like to admit (who can blame us for wanting to blast Justin Bieber's 'Mistletoe' at full volume?!) 

The inspiration behind this post has got to be this gorgeous dress I was kindly loaned from Endless Wardrobe. They're a site that allows you to rent or purchase designer and premium brands at a fraction of the retail price. You can buy a piece straight from their site, or you can simply loan it for a selected period of time - if you end up loving it after your loan period, you can chose to keep your new find forever through their site too! 

If you're not particularly loving the idea of splashing out on a festive piece to keep forever this year, I recommend checking them out... if not, you can still have a browse through my Festive Party Dress Edit below. Enjoy!

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