AD | this post is in paid partnership with Estrid. 

Shaving is a choice for everyone, as it should be. Personally, I prefer to keep my legs, pits and wherever else shaved, smooth and soft, but it's always been a struggle to find the perfect product to help me do so. I've been on this life-long hunt (well at least since my teens) for a razor to tackle the job. You know, something that doesn't leave my legs patchy with those pesky untouchable hairs or that has me wincing at those tiny little shaving cuts. 

Then, incomes the Estrid Razor! These razors are made cruelty-free and fairly priced for womankind, and not just the glossy, front-page of a magazine kind of woman, I mean, ALL women. That's one of the first things I loved about Estrid, they're here for you whether you're someone who loves to rock their sassy leg stubble or someone who likes to feel like a silky, shiny dolphin - they celebrate women and I think that's something we always need more of.

When it came to unboxing my razor, I was so pleased to see that not only was the razor included, but also a wall holder, a travel case and an extra blade cartridge. The packaging was also beautifully designed, which always entices me too. 

I'm the kind of girl who is always lost for a place to leave my razors, just leaving them a-stray and then having my Mum ask me why there's a mountain of them filling up the shower because I forget to move them (ooops). I loved the process of having a wall holder - a safe and clean place for my razor to remain until it's next use. It stuck to wall of my shower so easily, and looks so neat and tidy too. No more mess for Hol!

I love that they come in such cute colours from lilac, to pink, to peach and yellow, and the travel case will be amazing as well once we're finally free to go on trips away again, or even just to pack in my bag to my boyfriend's house. 

My experience using the razor for the first time was great. It offered a lovely, smooth shave, gliding seamlessly across my legs and avoiding shaving bumps. The five-blade cartridge and the moisturizing strip worked really well, and that's on all... *ahem*... sensitive areas in need of a shave. It felt really luxurious to use in comparison to razors I've used previously - the design just gives a much more enjoyable experience overall. It allowed for me to have a few extra days shave-free too, which is always great!

It feels like I've stepped-up my shaving routine completely. From struggling to get to those fine blonde hairs on my knees, to having a stress-free shave that leaves me feeling silky smooth. It's just such a joy and ease to use this razor. 

The best part is, they're a vegan subscription service, which is perfect if you're looking for something easy to order that arrives straight to your doorstep. 

If you'd like to check out Estrid Razors for yourself, you find their site HERE.