Last week was the time we've all been waiting for - it was the thing we'd been daydreaming about, planning for and wishing lockdown away over. Restrictions lifted and we were all able to escape our homes for the first time since Christmas, hallelujah!

I hadn't really planned much for that first week of freedom... to be honest, I was feeling a little apprehensive about the whole thing. The idea of heading back into normality was an odd idea after being stuck in the same day-to-day routine for months on end. I think we all began to feel that way as the 12th edged nearer and nearer, a lot of us unsure of how to ease ourselves back into things, but a week later, looking back at that first week of normality, I'm so glad I got myself out and about and enjoying the little things again.


I made plans with friends, catching up after months apart, had drinks in the sunshine and finally got to head back into my favourite place, Manchester. It was really nice to feel like things had almost never changed. I'd missed laughing with my pals and seeing somewhere other than the four walls of my bedroom, and we luckily got to have some lovely sunshine to accompany it all too. 

I mean, I still fully believe we've all got to take things at our own pace. If you're not keen on heading out just yet, there's no pressure too. I know that I definitely need some time at home to recoup from the excitement and just the change in my 'new normal' routine. I've got a couple of nice things planned for this week, but I'm still looking forward to my days WFH and being able to put my PJs on whenever I want!

It's just nice to feel like things are finally moving forward in a positive way. I'm excited to see what Summer brings and to potentially wave goodbye to lockdowns altogether. 

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