With the up and down weather lately, I've found myself in a rut with how to dress each day. I mean, do I grab for a slinky summer dress? a long sleeve tee? a classic jeans and nice top combo? a rain mac just incase the heavens open? I've been left staring blankly at my wardrobe, then glancing at the BBC Weather app, only to then stare straight back, blankly at my wardrobe once again. 

It's been a struggle to even figure out what my Summer style is this year because I seem to end up in the same denim shorts and t-shirt look every. damn. day... but, that really does get boring after a while. So, I've been trying to spice things up (maybe to around a Nandos 'Medium', at least). I've been trying to find a way to combine both a summer look and my undeniable love for that autumn layering that I wish I could wear all year round, and I think I've found the key. I've wanted the perfect way to work around the rocketing temperatures but also the reality that I live in the North West of the UK and the chances of an unexpected downpour or temperature drop happening at any moment, and that for me has got to be grabbing for a good ol' cropped jacket. 

Now, I'm not talking big chunky cropped puffer jackets, of course, because that would be sweat city in 25°C + heat, but just a simple, lightweight jacket can really bring back that sense of 'putting an outfit together' that I can really lose sight of throughout Summer. 

I've got an amazing lightweight linen jacket that I picked up from ASOS last year, which I love and wear religiously, but I also recently nabbed this amazing dogtooth H&M one (pictured above) in the sale the other week and I'm obsessed! They're just the perfect thing to throw over a mini skirt and top, or whatever your go-to Summer look is, to really pull a outfit together, without adding too much unnecessary bulky layering. 

So, today I thought I'd share a few with you that have caught my eye and that might be great addition to your Summer/Autumn wardrobe this year! Check them out below!

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