Hello hello! I hope we're all doing well and embracing the cosy autumn evenings that have suddenly arrived with us (and I really mean, suddenly - where did the sun go?!) Lately I've been loving the darker evenings, searching for the perfect 'night-in' candle and delving back into the autumnal colour palette that I've had locked away since February. It's so nice to bring my favourite coats out of hibernation!

In today's post I wanted to share with you some pieces that I've spotted, inspired by my own Autumn wardrobe and also just pieces that may or may not be on my wish-list, and, of course, there all centered around that lovely brown, tan, neutral colour palette.  

Hopefully this gives you a bit of A/W inspiration and maybe something will catch your eye! Happy Shopping!

So first up, we have coats! In the colder months I always seem to gravitate towards the more tan/camel colours when it comes to outerwear. It just gives this really autumnal vibe, which I love. In the images above, I'm wearing one of my all-time favourite pieces, this thrifted M&S coat. I've had this for years and love wearing it every A/W!


Next up is knitwear. I mean, this one is pretty self explanatory - you can't survive the colder months without the perfect cosy knit! Here are some that I spotted, that I think are both perfect for A/W 2021 but also great timeless pieces too...


Now, dresses aren't only for Spring and Summer, there's so many ways to style dresses through from September - February too! I love layering longer dresses with knits and blazers, but it's also great to have a dress that fits that A/W colour palette perfectly for special occasions, or days out where you just want to get dressed up.


Tops & Trousers are the basics of literally 99.9% of my looks. I spotted some really great classic styles that I love, but also some fun marble designs, which seem to be very 'in' this year, so definitely worth grabbing if you're into adding patterns to your A/W wardrobe!



Last but not least, no look is complete without a good shoe and some accessories! I love gold jewellery all year round, but I think it looks especially gorgeous with the brown tones that come into our wardrobes at the end of each year. A good hat, beret and a pair of gloves are a lovely way to finish off a look, and, let's not forget about grabbing the perfect pair of autumnal boots for stomping on crunchy leaves, am I right?

Shoes & Accessories: