Okay, so by now we've all seen UGGs sweeping the nation, right? Comfy footwear is back 'in' and I'm not mad about it at all. I recently ordered myself a pair of the Ultra Mini UGGs, completely hooked by the trend of course, and as much as I loved them and wanted to work with them, I did have the feeling that, realistically, I wouldn't actually get that much wear out of them for what they're worth. They're priced at around £125 and, for me, that's a pretty big splurge on something that's not going to well worn and loved A LOT. 

That got me thinking.. maybe I can get involved in this trend without breaking the bank, so I went hunting for dupes and picked up this super cute pair from Marks & Spencer for around £30 (saving myself £90 yay!). In today's post, I'm going to share my best UGG dupe finds, for anyone else that wants to get involved in this trend but doesn't want to invest too much in what might be a fleeting trend too.

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