Another month has flown by and I'm back with another wishlist! 

If you didn't know, each month (or every other month depending on how 'shopaholic' I'm feeling) I'm curating a bunch of things, whether it be clothes, accessories, etc. that have caught my eye for the month. I'll either be in process of mulling over which pieces to treat myself to or I'll be reporting back with what I eagerly added to my basket... depending on how 'spend happy' I get. This month, it's the latter and I'm so happy with the pieces I chose!

April/May's wishlist is a little bit H&M heavy, once again, and the 3 pieces I ended up getting were all from there, whoops. I mean, H&M are just really killing it with their Spring pieces right now! I've also been really gravitating towards warm brown tones and brown leather pieces lately, so that's definitely something I'm keeping my eye out for whenever I'm shopping, but, in the end, I only picked up a couple of pieces simply because I couldn't resist and they got me so excited for the warmer weather!

I loved the H&M Polo Shirt as soon as I saw it online. It's just so up my street and perfect for sunny days (which are hopefully going to be hitting us soon *crosses fingers*) The design is really relaxed and comfortable. I love mine with a linen skirt or white jeans. I'm basically trying to pretend I'm in a stunning, hot country whenever I wear it haha. 

The little white dress was a 'must' for me too. I got a very similar black version from H&M around Christmas time and it's one of my favourite pieces. The ruched design makes it so flattering and figure hugging. I needed the white version for Spring or else I would have seriously regretted it!

Then the last piece I treated myself too was more of a replacement piece than an actual treat. You see, I stupidly ironed my favourite black kickflare trousers on too high of a setting and ruined them (if I could turn back time... if I could find a way...) SO, I needed a new pair. After searching the internet for a pair that would actually fit and look the way I wanted them to, these H&M ones were the best out of the bunch. I have to say, they're really comfy and a lot more flattering than I thought they'd be. I love the super high waist and the fitted legs that give you that 'super tall supermodel' feel. They're definitely a good replacement for my old favourites for now.

Anyway, enough rambling! I'll link everything from this wishlist below and, you never know, something might catch your eye.

Everything from my wishlist will be linked below and can also be found over on my LTK page for you to shop too!