Okay, so this is a very overdue catch up. Life has been a complete whirlwind these past few months, from work, events, house renovation and simply just trying to get used to the sun going down earlier and earlier it day... it's been a lot. But, I thought it'd be nice, especially given how close we are to the end of 2022, to have a bit of a check in and tell you all about life lately and what I've been up to. (If you couldn't care less, then here's your sign now to close the tab, because this blog post is all about Me, Me, Me haha)

Rewinding all the way back to the end of October, I was invited to a lovely event with Grown Alchemist at the Lowry in Manchester. It was a day filled with Spa treatments and trying new things - I'd never been to a Spa or anything like that before, so it was my first time trying out treatments and seeing what all the fuss was about. We (the other people attending and I) got to try out Sound Therapy, as well as a very relaxing facial, which I really enjoyed. We then ended the evening with a gorgeous meal, and I got to catch up with the lovely Libs and Amira, who are both such gems! I had a really lovely time.

The next week consisted of battling the rain with Han on one of our usual shoot days (I'm not sure how Han's Birkenstock Bostons survived the torrential downpour but they did haha), which obviously had to end with some good coffee and a natter about life.

I also got to attend a fab event with Glossier, which was really exciting. I love Glossier so much, so it was amazing to get involved in something and have them host an event up North and catch up with all the Manchester gals! The event was to launch their new candles (which are *chef's kiss*) and it was just so super lovely. We ate amazing food, chatted about the brand... we maybe even had a glass of wine or two haha!

I got to work on a great campaign with Thomas Sabo, a brand which holds quite a dear place in my heart, as they're a brand that worked with me a lot back in the day when I was just starting out in this 'bizz'. I created a really fun video for Instagram, sharing their Rising Pheonix Collection, as well as sharing what brings me confidence and empowers me. I even got to get involved with a lovely event they held at the Trafford Centre (again, I'm really loving these events being in Manchester, finally!) which was nice!

The next day, I finally got to experience my first comedy show! Josh had gotten me tickets to see Daniel Sloss, a comedian I love, for my birthday back in June, and we'd both been eagerly waiting for the date to arrive. I was so excited when November hit, I could have burst!

I absolutely love watching stand up on TV. I'll binge all the Netflix specials and always watch one if one comes on as I'm flicking through the channels. It was so fun to finally go and see one live, and as always, Daniel Sloss was hilarious! 

From there, life has been a little bit chaotic. At home, we've been having a bunch of house renovation done (I say 'we', I mean my Mum and Dad as I'm still lodging with them until rent prices drop and I can escape (kidding)), so as a working from home gal, everything has felt a little jumbled and all over the place. 

I decided to book myself a little staycation for a couple of nights in Manchester, just to get some work done and go to the toilet in peace quite honestly haha. I stayed at Whitworth Locke, where I have stayed before with Josh and I really love it there. I had this cute little room all to myself, and despite being a little freaked out by every noise that I heard at night (lol), it was really quite peaceful. 

It was great for getting a few pieces of content shot too - I love shooting indoors, so having a bit of a different creative space felt really cool!

From there, there's just been a lot of shoot days to get campaigns done, coffee dates, doggos, cat cuddles and jumping between Josh's house and mine whilst builders have overtaken my home.

Writing it down like this makes it not feel that chaotic, but when I tell you I can't remember the last time I had a normal day that wasn't interrupted by drilling or having to travel elsewhere, I truly mean it. It's been like one big whirlwind and I can only just finally start to feel it calming down a bit. 

I will say, inbetween the madness, I have had some really lovely days. There's been lots of catching up with friends, amazing jobs to work on, lots of soup (because that's the best thing to get in this freezing climate right now) and I'm feeling really proud of myself looking back on this year, which is a great feeling. 

Right now, I'm so ready for December and all the festivities. As I write this, we're yet to get the Christmas tree and decorations up, but as soon as we do, I know I'm going to go full 'Christmas Holly'! Josh and I went to the Christmas markets the other day and it just got me so in the mood for festive things haha!

I hope you're all having a lovely (and slightly less chaotic) December so far anyway - it was great catching up