Dressing in Denim Dungarees in Brighton


My first day in Brighton consisted of the long 6 hour car journey and a meal out at Zizzi's in the evening, along with a stroll round a few of the lanes. When we arrived, i fell in love. I really want to live there! I decided that I just had to wear something comfy and simple considering I was going to be stuck in a car for good length of time. So dungarees were a must...

My dungarees are from Matalan and are one of the comfiest pieces in the wardrobe...ever! I styled it up with a basic white shirt from Forever 21 and black pumps from New Look to keep the look minimal.

I really love this outfit and it was perfect for staying comfortable but also for feeling as stylish as possible whilst travelling.

Are you into the dungarees trend?


  1. you are so pretty!!
    i need that dungarees in my wardrobe! :D


  2. Adorable! I love those dungarees and you look so cute. Love Brighton.

    Rachel | www.currentlyrachel.com

  3. Gosh I adore your blog! The photos are so beautiful and I love your style!


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