You know how much I love red lipstick right? My collection just keeps growing and growing! But, I often struggle with having to re-apply and re-apply and re-apply. It gets tiring.

So, when me and my friend Annabel took ourselves off shopping, lip stains were truly on the agenda.

Ever since buying this, i honestly can't stop wearing it. I think it is brilliant!  IT DOES NOT BUDGE. First, you apply the red lip gloss and let it dry ( i usually apply two coats), then you apply the clear glossy balm on the other side of the product. VoilĂ ! You've got yourself some long lasting lip colour.

There's a wide range of shades in this collection, from pinks, to more nude tones, but you know i love myself some red. I've eaten and drank, been out all day and this has barely moved an inch! I admit, sometimes i have to touch it up just a little but compared to the amount of times i'd have to re-apply a red lippy, this is no fuss!

Highly recommend!