I'm 18, can you believe it?! No? Me either!

I wanted to create a little blog post in homage to my 18th birthday and document a little bit of what I got up to so that I'll always be able to look back at this post and remember!

I kicked off my birthday celebrations on Tuesday when I headed out for a meal with 4 of my favourite people in the entire world, my Mum, Amanda, Hannah and Jodie. We met up at the Trafford Centre and headed to the restaurant Pesto for a lovely meal. It was so lovely to catch up with them all and it's literally my favourite thing when our families come together so it was just perfect! 

Then, on Friday it was my actual birthday, eeek! I began my birthday by waking up to our living room decorated with loads of decorations, which were just lovely and just what I'd wanted, and those huge number 18 balloons which I love! There were pom pom decorations hanging from the fireplace, embarrassing photos stuck to the walls and balloons filling the floor, there was even a silver balloon that spelled out 'yay' - very cute! I sat with my Mum, Dad and Brother and opened all of my lovely cards and presents, which I'm so so grateful for, and slowly took in the fact that it was actually my birthday and I was actually 18 haha - it just doesn't feel real!

I then spent my morning getting all dolled up and taking lots of selfies (lol you gotta get a good one on your bday) in time to head into to Manchester with my Mum and Dad for the day. 

In typical 'Holly' style, when we arrived at the train station, I came to the realization that I'd forgotten my bloody ID, doh! so we had to drive back and forth again haha, but I think I'm just so used to not being able to drink that I didn't think I'd need it hahaha. Anyway, we headed off on the train and went straight to Rosso where we had the most delicious meal and some lovely cocktails, and I showed my Mum and Dad all of the Snapchat filters, which was just the most hilarious thing!

After that, we visited Cloud 23 for another cocktail. I'd never been before so I was so excited and honestly, I was so happy when I arrived. We were seated by the window so we could see the amazing view and it was just so nice in there - I'll definitely be going back! I had a cocktail called 'Bittersweet Symphony' which was delicious and it was just so nice to sit there with such a lovely view and spend time with my Mum and Dad (I mean, how cute are those photos?). 

We then headed home and I got ready for the evening as I was off out for a meal at The Alchemist with my friends. I decided to go classic 'Hol' and wear my signature red lip and wear an all black outfit - you just can't go wrong doing that! 

My friends arrived and gave me some lovely presents- a few which made me a bit teary eyed haha - , which I'm so so thankful for and we then headed back into Manchester again. 

The Alchemist was amazing! I'd never been there before either but the atmosphere was just perfect and the service was so lovely and they made me feel so nice for my birthday! My friends got them to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me whilst I sat and cringed and I drank 3 delicious cocktails which I got ID'd for so obviously I felt super sassy when whipping out my ID and being like 'I'm 18, wooooo!' hahaha!

Finally, on Saturday evening I went for a family meal with my Mum, Dad and Brother at Piccalionos, which was so lovely too. It was nice to spend time just the four of us, even if I was completely exhausted from the day before lol and I had 'Happy Birthday' sung to me again whilst I sat and hid behind my hands.. #pleasedontlookatme hahahaha.   

I had a really nice day and I'm really grateful to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday so, thank you so so much if you did! Let's see what this first year of adult hood will bring, wahoo!