Amsterdam, you have well and truly stolen my heart. I got back from my trip literally 4 days ago and I'm already craving another trip back there. There's something about it that just gave me this overwhelming sense of calm. I mean, maybe it's the legalization of weed, but honestly, I felt the most relaxed that I have done in such a long time. Plus, it definitely helps that I got to take this amazing trip with 4 of my best friends and who are just the most amazing people.

We arrived in Amsterdam on Tuesday and traveled from the airport to our hotel on the number 197 bus (which we originally thought was a train... #muchconfused). After having me fall over about 20 times whilst trying to stand up on said moving bus with my suitcase, we managed to grab a seat and just watch the world of Amsterdam through the windows. 

When we arrived at our Hotel we were so excited by how close we were to everything. We stayed at Hotel Cornelisz and were about 2 minutes away from the Rijksmusuem and the Amsterdam sign - it was perfect. We unpacked our cases and headed straight out to start exploring. Of course, the first thing on the list was getting a picture with the Amsterdam sign (if you don't have photo evidence, were you really there?) and even though we all wanted to try and climb on top of a letter, I think the furthest I got was sitting inside the letter D haha. 

We wandered through to the Rijksmusuem but decided that we didn't have enough time left to to do it that day (although we did see the beautiful gardens) and so just took ourselves on a little stroll. We didn't have any idea where we were heading but it was so nice to just walk the streets and take it all in and we even stopped to get some outfit pics (my outfit was pretty bog standard and I was v v tired, so don't judge me). It was lovely to just get a few snaps of Amsterdam too! 

After that, we headed back to near the Rijksmusuem and sat on the grass in the sunshine and made a plan of action for the next day, since that was our only full day there. We then got ready for the evening back at our hotel and strolled out to find somewhere we could find some food ... or you know, just pure carbs. 

We stopped by the Amsterdam sign again and a lovely woman offered to take a photo of us all together which was so cute, and then we headed on our quest for food. We ate at a little Italian restaurant and then weren't really too sure what to do with ourselves. We ended up heading to the Red Light District (which is totally crazy by the way) and then just walking around singing a little bit of Oasis and Destiny's Child... you know, the usual.

On our way back to our hotel, we were stopped by some lovely girls who were also from England. One of them said that she recognized me because she follows me on Instagram (Hi, if you're reading!). It was the first time I'd ever been recognised so I felt slightly like a celebrity whilst my friends cheered me on haha.

The next morning we woke up early and got ready to head to the Anne Frank House. It was about a 30 minute walk away and by the time I'd navigated us all the way there via Google Maps, it turned out we couldn't actually get tickets until 3:30pm #lolweareidiots. So, instead we wandered round for a little bit and found a nice little place to grab something to eat. We also had a look in a cute shop which was filled with candles, incense sticks and books, so I picked up a little souvenir. 

We had spotted some little pedalo boats earlier on whilst walking.  You could go down the canals in them and we decided that we definitely had to do it. So, we got two little boats for an hour and pedaled our way along the canals (it was a major leg workout for Amy and I who used to be in set 4 PE at school) but, that was definitely one of the highlights of my trip!

We then took a stroll back to the Rijksmusuem and went to look at all of the beautiful art work that was inside. There were so many amazing pieces of art in there from Vincent van Goh to Rembrandt - it was amazing to see.

By the time we had done that, it was time to head over and queue for the Anne Frank House. We queued for around 2 hours and honestly, it was completely worth the wait (although I high recommend pre-booking tickets so that you can get it done in the morning).

I don't think I will be able to give the house enough credit at all, even if I try, but I need to try and express how brilliant it was.

Whilst waiting in the line, an employee handed us a leaflet in our language, which contained all the information about Anne Frank and her family. It gave me chance to follow the story a little bit better before heading inside to see it all, but of course, also helped to pass a bit of time whilst waiting in the queue.

Inside, the walls are filled with quotes and information, as well as images and sometimes small televisions which broadcast short films and interviews with people such as Otto Frank himself. There are small scale models of the house which give you an insight into what it would have been like, as well as photographs for you to compare to. You basically work your way through the house and it is explained to you, room by room.

The bookcase was something that really struck a cord with me - seeing it felt so unreal - that bookcase had hid them for so so long and it was there, in front of me. At the time, it just wasn't sinking in that I was all real and I don't think it still has yet.

I do think that it is brilliantly done. The mixture of images, writing and video all help to tell the story so perfectly and being able to follow the layout of the house and see what was inside is really touching.

After that, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for another evening out. By this point, I think all of our feet felt like they were going to fall off (we had walked a looooot) but, we still managed to have a fab night and even bagged ourselves some free prosecco, wahoo!

The next day was our last day, so we only had time for one thing. We decided to head to the Banksy and Andy Warhol museum. I really enjoyed it in there - I'm a huge fan of Andy Warhol, so seeing his pieces was amazing and the mystery of Banksy is always just so crazy to me! There were so many quotes plastered on the walls and they all really kept capturing something to me - I couldn't resist taking a gazillion pictures of them. 

Once we'd done that and grabbed some lunch we headed back on the bus to the airport and made our journey home. It was a short stay but honestly, it was the best trip I've ever had. The place was beautiful and full of culture and I got to spend it with my favourite people ever. I really do hope I get to go back there soon, because I truly love it!