Have you ever just sat back and thought about the future and where you'd like to be? I see myself doing all of these amazing things, things that I really love and have passion for. I see myself laughing and surrounded by friends, travelling and meeting new people and trying new things, but then it all kind of goes 'poof' like a cloud of smoke and I'm back to reality. 

I've come to realise that I'm wayyy too afraid. I've become so scared to take a leap and grab chances. I've let stupid things control what I do and feel even though, I've proved those feelings wrong before. Everyday now, I keep repeating the same thoughts to myself: 'It's time you scared yourself into doing something rather than out of it', 'You've got to grab life and take control of it' and I'm bloody right. I can't keep letting fear stop me from achieving things.

I am a person with huge dreams - I really do dream of success. I want to create and be involved in something that I'm proud of and that I love, but there's no way that I can do that by hiding away.
The problem is that I convince myself that things will go wrong. Without thinking of all of the positives first, I instinctively think of all of the negatives. I'm scared of change and what change could do to me, even though change would probably be the best thing for me.

With dreams as big as mine, you can't hide away forever, or else those dreams aren't going to come true. There's only so much I can do from the comfort of behind my laptop screen and the comfort of my little village where I live - there's a whole world out there, just waiting to be experienced and I'm not experiencing it! (and you know, Kylie said we should all be experiencing things this year...

I often see people achieving the things I'd like to achieve and I get jealous, but not because they've done it and I haven't, but because they weren't scared to. I feel like I've got to have this huge fight with myself and kick my arse into gear and just GO - just stop being so afraid.

You might be thinking, 'what inspired you to write about this?' and well if i'm honest, It was this dress from Nobody's Child hahaha. The star print reminded me of 'Stars in Their Eyes', (you know that TV show where people became pop stars for the day?) Well yeah, it made me think about my own dreams, and maybe being a pop star one day too (metaphorically of course, I don't actually want to be a pop star...)  It's frustrating because deep down I know what I need to do, it's just a matter of putting things into motion, you know? 

Anyway, since at this very moment in time, I'm still sat behind my little laptop screen, let me tell you about this outfit!

Here, as I said, I'm wearing this lovely Black Star Flippy Mini Dress, along with these amazing Loreza Ankle Boots in Black Faux Suede from Ego! The dress is such a flattering fit and the shoes just pair perfectly with it. It's such a cute autumnal and Halloween-ready look - I love it!

If you want to shop this outfit then check these out below: