Vouloir, c'est pouvoir. - To want is to be able.

There are a lot of things I want to do with my life. Those things vary from travelling, to seeing films, to being in a LFW show, and I really hope one that one day, I finally stop 'wanting' and start 'doing' these things. Some of them are a lot easier to achieve than others, but I will continuously try t until I get these things going. I think it's important in life to always be striving for something, even if it's one simple, tiny thing. 

I remember back in 2014, I used to set myself goals that were as small as going for a walk round the corner for 5 minutes because otherwise, I had nothing else to strive for. I was in a place in my life where I saw no future plans and basically saw the 'end' rather than the 'beginning' of my life. Since going through recovery, I know that I have to be aiming towards something, I can't just let life swallow me whole. 

Nowadays, every morning I write myself a 'to do' list for the day and keep myself busy and just work work work. I think even if you're not too sure of what you want to do with your life, simply giving yourself even the smallest things to achieve in your day, can spark some kind of inspiration inside of you. 

If you want to achieve something, you've simply just got to put your mind to it. I don't think that things need to happen over night but it's nice to have something to dream of and to have that 'something' turn into a reality one day. A dream doesn't have to be something that's completely unrealistic like 'riding off on my unicorn, into the sunset, with Prince Charming', it just has to be something that gets you excited and motivated everyday. 

My blog was once a little dream in my head. From the age of 11 I was infatuated with YouTubers and Bloggers and always wanted to do just that. Now, hey! Look at me! I'm bloody well doing it! But it took a lot of hard work. It took time, money, and a lot of effort, but none of that ever stopped me from wanting it and wanting to achieve it because it was the one thing that got me 'excited' for each day.

My blog has always brought me so much happiness and excitement, especially when I get to collaborate with wonderful brands. I used to dream of the day when brands would want to work with me and collaborate with me here on little ol' simple things and well, voila! Dreams do come true haha!

I am so excited to be sharing this blog post with you because I absolutely love this outfit! 

Once again, this features a collaboration with Nobody's Child! I chose this gorgeous Gingham Peplum top and styled it with this lovely Popcorn Chiffon Pleat Midi Skirt, also from Nobody's Child, that I recently treated myself to! I added my little black ASOS beret, my Stella Lace Up Heels from Public Desire and a red lip and the finished look left me feeling very Parisian - hence the french blog post title haha! 

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