I was talking with someone the other day and I realized that I can't pin point an exact moment in my life that I developed a sense of style. Yes, I've always loved fashion and expressing myself through clothes, but considering that fashion is such a huge part of what I do, it's weird to try and remember an exact point where I put together my first hella sassy outfit. 

The thing is, fashion is important, people just don't realise it. Fashion allows you to show people what kind of person you are, what kind of things that you love and, even things such as, what kind of job you do. Fashion allows you to express your mood, experiment and, to be honest, it just allows you a hell of a lot of freedom. I love the freedom of Fashion. 

For me, clothes are a way of expression and an art form. Putting an outfit together is like creating a piece of artwork. For example, you might be into cubism, you might love geometric shapes and colour block prints or you might like monochromatic photography, you might love black turtle necks and berets paired with a bold red lip. Fashion allows you to be just as expressive as you would be if you were painting, like, the next 'Dogs Playing Poker' or something.

I didn't often move out of my comfort zone with fashion when I was younger. I think, to be honest, I just wanted to wear what was considered 'cool' at the time or I just followed what one of my friends was wearing. I didn't see what Fashion could offer me, I didn't see how much I was holding back creatively. 

Fashion is, honestly, everything to me nowadays. It's a part of everything I do, every single day. Without fashion I wouldn't have been able to take this weird and wonderful career path I'm on or have learnt how to express myself and just be me.

You see, I like wearing outfits that can draw a bit of attention. Yes, they might be very simple and not splattered with pattern, but if I can wear something that can make you glance twice, I'll do it. Sometimes, that could simply be a pair of leather trousers or some unusual shoes, but they are things that make my outfits just a little bit more outside of the 'norm'. And, I like to be outside of the 'norm'. I like people to look at me and think 'Oooo that's interesting' or 'Where did she get that?'. I want people to ask questions. 

I think that's exactly what fashion should do. It should make you ask questions. It should make you question a mood, or time period, or simply just make you wonder if it's Topshop or Armani. Fashion should keep you on your toes and get your creative juices flowing (lol I hate the words 'creative juice' but I couldn't think of what else to say hahaha). 

Sometimes I think people forget how amazing fashion can be. We put clothes on everyday but we forget about the entire process that goes behind choosing your outfit - especially if your job and lifestyle don't revolve around fashion. However, the clothes you pick depend on the mood you're feeling, the place you're going, the job you're doing, the weather, absoloutley everything and I think that just shows how much fashion can show the world. 

I can often leave the house with no make up on and a over sized jumper and that's usually just because I'm nipping round the corner for a pint of milk. I feel like my outfit tells people that my thought process was 'Well, I'm only leaving the house for five minutes, I don't need to get dressed really' hahaha. Just the same as when I'm leaving my house, ready to head to London, dressed head to toe in black for model castings, people know I'm ready for business. An outfit can tell people A LOT.

I think that's the true meaning of fashion. It's to express. It's to show. It's to open minds. It's something that everyone has a part in. 

With this outfit, I wanted to highlight my love for a red lip and a monochromatic look. I wanted to show you that I'm a little bit artsy fartsy and like to wear berets. I wanted to show you that I love fashion and piecing an outfit together like this, is just something that I love doing so so much!

Now, if you couldn't already guess from the title, this blog post is actually in collaboration with the fabulous brand American Eagle, who kindly contacted me and asked me to choose a few pieces from them. I was sooo head over heels in love with this Grey Long Wool Topper Coat when I saw it and I knew it would pair perfectly with this Plaid Babydoll Shirt Dress. They are both so super comfy and cosy for this time of year - I don't know, they just have a super Christmassy vibe about them! haha.

I decided to style these gorgeous pieces along with my Public Desire heels, my ASOS beret and a bold red lip. Alternatively, you could make this look super winter-ready by grabbing some wool tights and black Chelsea boots, to keep you extra warm.

If you want to recreate this look yourself, you can shop the look here: