Let's face it, I'm a total weirdo. I laugh at weird things, I tell weird jokes and my life is just a little bit weird too. I like it. I like being weird. Weird is better than boring, right? I think people tend to see that I'm a 'model' and 'fashion blogger' and presume I'm some personality-less clothes rack that can't tell a joke or understand how to do fractions, when really, I'm full of jokes and not too bad at maths either. 

It's odd how people can judge you simply based on a profession or a photo. People see a photo of you in a glitzy dress and instantly presume that's all that you can talk about. Yes, I do love fashion, Yes, I do love putting on glitzy dresses and posing for a photo, but I also love discussing politics, mental health and weird things like where you keep the ketchup... fridge or cupboard? (it's definitely cupboard guys..)

Sometimes it's nice to take some silly photos and laugh at myself. Sometimes I love to just say weird things and make crappy Dad jokes, because that's who I am. I'm not just a person in a photo wearing a piece of clothing, I'm a person who's full of life and ready to whip out a knock knock joke at any given opportunity. 

I think it's nice for people to learn about the person behind the writing and behind the photo. Yes, I might be showing you this very stylish, comfy and casual outfit featuring Rocket Dog and Novem & Knight (more deets coming soon don't you worry...) but, I also want you to be able to get something else from me, other than outfit details. I want you to laugh at something I've written or connect with a point that I've made or make you feel a little less like you're the only one going through something or that does something a little bit out of the 'norm'. We're all total weirdos. We all have our own little quirks or things that we do, and we all have been through stuff, stuff that I really love to discuss here on my blog.

So, yeah, I might be very good at being a 'clothes rack' and posing for a photo, but I'd also like to let you know that there's a lot lot more to me too. 

Anyway, enough rambling for one blog post, let me tell you a little bit more about this outfit. 

Recently, I did a shoot for the amazing Jason Davis and Sammi's brand, Novem & Knight (they have some amazing new pieces by the way, you definitely need to go and have a look) and they kindly gave me two pieces to take home with me (how bloody lovely!!). One of the pieces they let me keep was this super comfy Mortimer 'boyfriend style' Jumper. I adore the over-sized fit and it slotted perfectly into my minimalist wardrobe. It's perfect for when I'm looking to create a more casual outfit or for getting cosy in (because its absolutely bloody freezing at the moment!!) this winter season. However, I love that it's still a piece that you could easily dress up with a leather skirt, fishnet tights and some heeled boots... that'd be one bad ass outfit!

I decided to go super casual (for me anyway) with this look and style the jumper along with my Mom Jeans from Boohoo and these fab White Canvas Sneakers from Rocket Dog

Rocket Dog kindly gifted these to me and I've been obsessed with them ever since. I've wanted some white trainers for so long and I'm so happy that I finally have this pair to style up! I, of course, had to finish the look with a choker necklace and a red lip because they've been my absolute go-to recently. 

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