I absoloutley love a good night out. I love being tipsy and having a laugh with my friends. I love waking up the next morning to someone saying 'Are we all alive?xx' on the group chat. It's fun, it's hilarious and it's definitely the time to do all that kind of thing when you're young - especially when you're 18. The thing is though, I don't go out every single weekend. I don't even go out once a month sometimes - that's partly because 3 of my friends are off at Uni and we're not all made of money, but it's mostly because I genuinely can't hack it. I need about 2 weeks to recover after one night out.

Now, you might be thinking that I'm a complete and utter loser for saying that, but I don't really care, because as much as I love a good night out, I also love staying in bed, watching 30 episodes of The US Office and eating myself into a food coma. Oh, that's the life.

A lot of people define themselves as the 'going out' type of person or the 'staying in' type of person, but I like to think of myself as somewhere inbetween. If I go out too much, I desperately crave a good night in and if I stay in too much, I desperately crave a messy night out - I kind of meet the two in the middle. Sometimes I wish I was one of these people that's out most nights of the week and constantly partying but honestly, I think I love sleep too much, and I also love my work and just being by myself and doing my own thing. Sometimes I might just want to be alone.

The two jobs that I do, Modelling and Blogging, both require early starts and a lot of work. A lot of the time, I'll be on a train to London by 6:30 am in the morning, and since my blog posts all go live at 7:00am, I like to double check them before they go out onto the internet for you all to read. I'm also the most productive in the morning. I always wake up feeling incredibly motivated and with ideas flooding through my brain. I'm usually knackered by 5:00pm because I've been working my little bum off all day on photos or writing posts, and sometimes I just don't have the energy for a night out.

'Going out' doesn't even necessarily have to mean a 'night out', it could literally mean going out in the day or just leaving the comfort of your home for any other reason. Sometimes I just want to stay in, and be lazy.

I think sometimes I feel under pressure to be out and about all of the time just because I'm young. However, at the end of the day, as long as I'm happy doing what I'm doing, then why does it matter? Just because other people are out and about at 3am in the morning all the time, doesn't mean I have to be too. I like a good nights sleep, sitting in and editing YouTube videos; I like using the daylight in the afternoon to take 100 photos of a lipstick on top of a flat-lay, whilst other people might be out with their friends - different people like to do different things. And yes, sometimes I might look at others and feel lonely or left out or boring, but then I remember that just because they're 'going out' today and I'm not, doesn't mean that I won't be 'going out' and doing something fun and exciting another day. I've just got to do my own thing.

Why force it just because that's what everyone else is doing? I'm not a boring person just because I'm not drinking and dancing 24/7. I'm fun, I make people laugh and I lead an interesting life (if I do say so myself). People who stay in, wear fluffy socks, drink tea and hide under their duvets can be fun too guys!

At the end of the day, do what makes you happy. Not going out all of the time doesn't make me a bore (because when I do go out, I'm a bloody good laugh), it just means that I might have other things to do.

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