It's okay to change.

Change is natural (I'm not about to give you 'the talk' don't worry); without change we wouldn't be able to grow, learn and become who we are. Without change we wouldn't meet new people, make new friends, take new opportunities. Without change, we cannot move on from the past.

For a while, I was terrified of change. I didn't want to grow, I wanted things to stay the same, I wanted to be forever 16 and I wanted my friends to stay in our tiny village and for us to walk to school together everyday. I wanted to be carefree and not work and I wanted to repeat the same routine and stay in my comfort zone. But, here's the thing... you can't grow when you're comfortable. To grow you need to be scared, you need to be terrified, you need to do things you've never done before, and yes, unfortunately, sometimes that ain't gonna be fun.

Comfort zones are called 'comfort' zones for a reason, but change is a part of life and we all have to break out of our 'zones of comfortableness' (just another way of me saying the words 'comfort zone' without repeating myself again lol) eventually. Eventually, something will come along and stir things up a bit, which, initially might make us panic, it might makes us sweat, it might make us cry... but at the end of the day, things happen for a reason and you've got to just go with it.

I think being scared is totally the wrong way of looking at things to be honest, even though that is always our instinctive reaction. Change should be good, it should be embraced - once you start to embrace change, that's when the fear vanishes and you can begin to see all the positives that it brings. It forces us to adapt and become more flexible (and no, I'm not talking in gymnastic terms unfortunately). Changing things gets you out of a rut and can often set you free from a situation that has been no good for you. For example, with me, change allowed me to begin to break free from my OCD and become more rational about things. It made me begin to see a bit of 'sense' and made me feel like I'd had a weight lifted from my shoulders. 'The change' was good. (I can't help but feel like me saying 'The change' sounded like I was talking about the menopause.... I'm not)

Leaving your comfort zone just shows how strong a person you are. It's very easy to just sit and stay in the same place, but it's not easy to shake things up and start all over again. It brings new opportunities and excitement, and although it can all be initially terrifying, most of the time things work out okay and for the best.

"You can't grow when you're comfortable"

So, have a think - are you sitting in your comfort zone or are you feeling petrified of what's to come, like me? If you're not scared, then maybe have a think about getting scared. Do something that breaks barriers, changes the routine, brings new opportunities. Don't let being 'comfortable' stop you from living and having fun.

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