So, there I am, stood on the tube, donning my bright red trousers, pink blazer and faux fur coat, and all I can feel is everyone's eyes fixated on me.

As someone who's used to their minimal, all-black outfits, it felt odd for me to be attracting so much attention to myself. Okay, I mean, I'm a ginger gal with basically translucent eye lashes and eye brows, and I basically have red lipstick permanently attached to my face, so I'm used to attracting a little bit of attention, but not so much that people all turn to look and glue their eyes to you.


Recently, I've gotten completely out of my comfort zone with fashion. I've been experimenting with colour and expressing myself more and I'm really, truly enjoying it. I feel a little more 'me' in the way that I'm dressing, I'm not restricting myself from buying the pieces that I like, and my friend Eleanor even said to me the other day that, it suits my personality more - you can tell from the bright colours that I'm wearing and the more 'unusual' styles, that I'm a bit weird and fun, and I really like that you can tell that.

I've met sooo many new people this year, and one thing that they all seem to have said to me once they met me was 'I thought you were going to be so shy!'. And, that is something that really shocks me.

You see, I'm anything but shy. I am talkative, giggly, and say and do weird things (especially if I'm feeling awkward lol), so it's madness to me when people expect me to be quiet or timid.

Maybe I do give off a more 'reserved' attitude online? But, I've always thought that I've been very much 'myself' (i.e. a total goon) when speaking and posting about things.

Is it the attitude I'm portraying or, is it the way that I was dressing that was giving this impression of me? That's what I've now began to question.

Maybe my all black attire and my monochromatic Instagram feed were making me appear a little less 'me', a little less friendly, a little less approachable? Maybe people weren't getting to see the real character behind the edited blog snaps and boomerangs? and, maybe people weren't able to look past the moody pout in my selfies?

That's not to say that when I did dress, or do dress, in all black or a more minimal style, that I'm not being 'myself', because I am. I still love a simple, chic look (as I stated in my previous post about my 'New Found Love For Colour') but I think maybe adding a pop of colour into my life has made me come into my own a bit more.

And, that's also not to say that dressing in a minimal fashion is bad or makes you any of those things, it just means that maybe it was making ME those things. Maybe my style wasn't truly expressing who I am as a person? Giving out the right vibes, you know?

Anyway, I digress.

People staring at me on the tube made me realise something... I'm getting to truly be myself.

People only stare when you don't conform to their norms or when there's something about you that's a little unusual to them. And, as odd as it may seem, I want to be unusual. I want to be weird and wonderful and a little bit strange, because that's who I am. I want my outfits to grab people's attention and make them think - even if they're thinking 'what the hell is she wearing?', at least I got them thinking, right?

I want my personality to come across in my clothes and the outfits I choose to wear. I want people to be able to tell that I'm chatty and fun and not thinking that I'm some Serious Sally or Shy Susan (sorry if you're called Sally or Susan, I just like a bit of alliteration haha). I'm 'Happy, Hyper Hol', and I want people to see that.

"Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?" 

So, I say, let them stare! I want to dress in a way that expresses who I am and what I feel, and if that means a few funny looks here and there, than that's fine by me.

Remember not to let the 'norms' stop you from dressing or being who you want to be. Express yourself, let your emotions show through fashion, experiment and have fun with it. Almost put yourself in the mindset you had when you were a care-free child, what would they want you to be like? What would they feel like wearing? I often think that we have become 'too serious' and lost the fun in it all, so... have fun!

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