In this moment, I just feel really happy.

The past few days have turned me into a grinning goon, the sun is shining through my window and everything just feels good.

It feels unusual to be writing such a positive post, considering the last few ones I have written have been filled with sad feelings and overwhelming stress, but it also feels great. It feels good to express a bit of positivity on here for once.

So, whats happened to turn things around? Why am I suddenly dancing round my bedroom listening The Kooks and giggling hysterically at memes that my friends send me on Facebook? I mean, five minutes ago I was so incredibly down in the dumps - I honestly felt so low that I thought it was going to push me back into that dark hole of 'nothingness' again and I wouldn't be able to get out. But, just all of a sudden, I feel ok. I feel happy.

I think sometimes we don't realise that things are happening around us when we're feeling low. We don't realise that all these little things that are stressing us out, like an abundance of emails or trying to organise meetings with friends, are the things that are actually going to have the ability to perk us up again.

I mean, despite how low I've felt, I kept pushing myself and working. I kept on schedule and organizing things and, although in those moments I felt absolutely fried, it did give me things to look forward to. I looked forward to my blog posts going live, or getting on that train down to London. Not to sound too cheesy, but it was like I was allowing myself a little bit of hope or light when everything felt pretty damn dark.

Meeting friends, especially online friends that you feel like you've know for years but never actually met, is one thing that always has the ability to cheer me up.

Over the past few weeks I've met both the lovely Sabrina from Young Eccentric, as well as the babe that is Chloe from Tigerlily (who shot these fabulous photos for me, how amazing are they?!) and they both just made me smile so much. And, people who can make me smile are literally the best thing in my eyes. I often smile a lot, but sometimes it really doesn't feel like I actually am smiling. Sometimes my smiles feel really empty and almost forced, and I know how sad that sounds, but it's true.

Both these ladies made me laugh and giggle and smile, and it was bloody lovely. I always appreciate moments like that because I just feel content, and it's nice.

Some exciting blog opportunities have come my way recently too, which, as always, is super exciting. I think I often forget to realise how far I've come in these past 3 years and the fact that I'm now collaborating with huge brands like New Look, Smashbox and Urban Outfitters (name dropping, Hol? ... really?... Sorry haha) really does remind me to be proud of what I'm doing and achieved!

In fact, before I continue, I might as well give a little shoutout to this amazing jumper that I received from the lovely Holly at Urban Outfitters (hello, if you're reading!). You might have seen this in my latest haul video on my YouTube channel, but if not then, basically, I was kindly sent some gorgeous pieces and this was one of them! 


I'm not usually someone who grabs for purple. In fact, purple is my least favourite colour, but there was just something about this that screamed 'PICK ME HOL', and so I did!

I decided to go bold with this look, pairing my new fluffy companion (I mean my jumper, I haven't got a new pet that I'd forgotten to tell you about), along with this pink New Look mini skirt, these amazing H&M earrings and my favourite red heels. And, I have to say, I bloody love it. 

I love all of these colours together so much - so bright and colorful, but it works! I'm also head over heels obsessed with those earrings. I even popped into H&M before shooting this look just to specifically buy them because I knew they'd work great!

But, anyway, back to what I was saying...

Sometimes things just happen don't they. You know? little things that make you feel human or a little bit more alive. Sometimes things come along, out of the blue and they bring a little glimmer of light, a little sparkle.

I often feel very insignificant in life. I often feel unnoticed and unnecessary, but recently, things have happened which have made me feel a little less like that. Life has thrown a few new things into the mix and it's exciting. I feel the complete opposite to how I usually do. And, even if these are only temporary things or temporary feelings, it's cheered me up for now. So, thanks life, you're not as much of a bitch as you make out to be...

"Everything will be so good soon. Just hang in there and don't worry about it too much."

So, yeah, I guess that's it really. I just feel happy.

Things are happening, things are changing, and right now, in this moment, I am okay. It feels great to say that I'm okay.

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