To love someone or something in life is so powerful. The idea that passion can be sparked by the sight of someone or the doing of something is beautiful and what I truly believe life is about.

Life is about happiness, life is about filling your lungs, your heart, your entire body with love. Life is about finding that one thing or person that makes you want to jump out of bed and get on with your day. It's about reading something, doing something, hearing something that gives you goosebumps and gets your heart racing.

That's what makes me feel alive.

For me, my passions lie in all things creative; my love lies with the amazing people in my life.

When I wake up in the morning, with a brain overflowing with words that I just want to type or write down, or I simply have to bob off to London for the day for an exciting shoot, my body fills with love.

I love what I do.

I love the sound of my fingers tapping away on my keyboard and reading as my blog posts come to life. I love the sound of a camera shutter or my self timer beeping as I pose against my bedroom wall taking a million and one blog photos. I love planning outfits or scheduling tweets, and I even love replying my emails and watching my inbox fill up with replies.

I love prancing around on the set of shoots and getting to meet new creative people. I love chatting to photographers, make up artists, stylists and hearing all about their passions and the work they've done. I love the side of the industry I'm in - I love the nice side of the industry.

I love it all.

When I see my friends, hug my friends, chat to my friends, that lonely feeling that I often feel, when I've spent 7 days a week working my arse off, starts to dismiss and is replaced with a bubbly, excited feeling. I'm reminded that these people are amazing, they're accepting and they are pure magic to me.

I love their laughter, their sarcasm and their punny jokes. I love their compassion, their individuality and their quirks. I love our nights out, our nights in and the way that we can go weeks without seeing each other, but as soon as we're back together, it's like no time has passed at all.

I love it all.

When I roll over in the morning and I'm lying next to someone who makes me smile, or when I look to my phone and see someone calling me on Face-time, just so they can see my face or just because, I'm reminded what it's like to feel loved back.

I'm reminded what it's like to have someone just do the simple thing of getting you to feeling different emotions and I'm reminded what it's like to look at someone and take in every detail and see little quirks or see their brain ticking over.

I love seeing someone else be passionate, I love seeing someone else get goosebumps over their favourite things and have ideas pouring out of their mind. I love laughing with someone, talking with someone, and feeling like I'm finally being allowed to experience life again.

I love it all.

That's what makes me feel alive.

If we don't feel alive, then we're not living, are we? If we don't feel passionate about the things we're doing or the people we involve ourselves with, are we doing ourselves a disservice?

From the bottom of my heart, I couldn't live a life that lacked passion - a life that lacked love. I have been at that point before. I have been 'floating', 'lost' and 'completely empty', and that was a life I never want to be living again.

My blog, my love for fashion, for writing and modelling, they brought me to life. They woke me up, shook me and screamed 'here's your passion, Holly... RUN WITH IT!' and so I did.

My work made me wake up and see that I was hiding away from my life. I was hiding away from my family, my friendships, and even new relationships I could have made. But, I love that I can love things now. I love that I can love working, love people and feel passionate about my life.

"I love the word 'love'"

Like I said, there's no better feeling than waking up to a job you love, a person you love, a place you love, a song you love... literally anything you love - nothing can beat it.

Passion is what keeps that fire burning, gives me my drive and makes me want to get up everyday and do what I do.

So, find your passion. Find that thing, that person, those people, who make you wake up on Monday morning and say 'let's go!' and not 'oh, shit, another Monday'. And, if you already have your passion, let me know what it is down in the comments, I would love to know. ♥