I 100% lack body confidence. Despite my face and my looks being my main source of income, I am an extremely insecure person (you probably already know this, so sorry if I'm repeating myself huns). 

You see, from a very young age I did not like myself. I have never liked my face, my legs, my tummy, my bum. I have never understood my shape, my features, my characteristics. I have always just craved the ideals and wanted to be someone else.

Unfortunately, life doesn't give you what you want.

Sure, I could sit there wishing on a million stars or waiting for 11:11 to pop up on my clock, but at the end of the day, I have the body that I have, and that's it.

I am me.

It's taken me years to realise that I am who I am, I look like what I look like, and there's no way i'm ever going to be or look like someone else. And, I do believe that, slowly but surely, I'm learning to appreciate the skin I am in.

Okay, sure, I did say that I 100% lack body confidence and to be honest, that's incredibly true. I still do not like my legs, my tummy, my bum, my boobs, but there are aspects of myself that I have truly began to appreciate.

For example, I love my freckles, I love my long arms and I love my blonde fuzzy body hair.

I can look at myself sometimes and, rather than just seeing myself and feeling repulsed, I've started to notice those few things, those little things, that I truly do like.

Body confidence is a tough one though. After loosing over half my body weight, dropping 5 dress sizes and going through hell and back, learning to like my wobbly, stretch mark ridden body is immensely difficult.

And, unfortunately, as the title of this blog post explains, I believe that body confidence is so so very key when it comes to learning to like and accept yourself.

For me anyway, body confidence is probably the main reason I lack self acceptance. I am very open, I'm very loud and I am very fun, but, put me in a more vulnerable situation or ask me to wear a tight bodycon dress or shoot in a bikini, and I will become silent. I will become insecure and embarrassed - completely humiliated.

I do not accept myself in my own body.

I accept my mind, I accept my heart, I accept my ideas, I accept my style, but I do not accept my body.

I think as soon as you're comfortable in your own skin and confident in your appearance, a lot of your worries can disappear and a lot of windows begin to open.

If I spent less of my time thinking 'oh my god, my thighs look fat' or praying for the day I can get a boob job, just think of all the things I could be doing, or how much more positive my life would be.

If I walked round, fully accepting of everything about myself, head to toe, I would feel fucking fantastic.

So, I guess I'd like to get to a point like that one day.

"Apologize to your body. Maybe, that's where the healing begins."

I can't wait for a day when I'm not conscious of changing in-front of other models, or my friends, or the day when I look at my legs in a pair of denim shorts and think 'damn gurlllllll', because it would just be so liberating to accept myself fully for who I am AND what I look like too.

On another note, before I leave you to ponder on that idea, let me fill you in on this outfit (which I can't stop wearing, may I add).

I recently popped down to London to meet with the lovely Holly (hello if you're reading!) from Urban Outfitters. She kindly let me pick out some pieces to style, and the two pieces in this look for the first things I grabbed for, because I was instantly obsessed.

Here I'm wearing this gorgeous Kimchi Blue Fuzzy Button-Down Crop Cardigan and these amazing BDG Mom Sky Blue Corduroy Jeans. I just think this is such a perfect combination and a look like can work in every season, all year round.

I love the colours together and the mixture of the textures - just perfect!

If you'd like to recreate this look yourself then check out the pieces below: