"Take notes, collect things, document your findings. Copy, trace, notice patterns. Record what you are drawn to"

Something I am often asked is 'where do you get your inspiration from?'. It's a question that I love answering because it always manages to get my creative juices flowing, and searching for something that grabs my attention.

I find inspiration in so many things, in so many places, and so, with that, today I thought I would share with you 'Where Do I Get My Inspiration From?'


This is a big one for me. I am obsessed with other bloggers.

If I'm ever feeling stuck for outfit ideas or I'm looking for a good read, I simply head straight to Instagram or Bloglovin, and I'm instantly struck with so much inspiration that my little creative head can't even handle it sometimes.

I love being inspired by other people's imagery or words, and I think it's so amazing how there are so many incredibly talented people out there who manage to encourage my creative spark on a daily basis.

Some of my favourite people for a bit o' creative boost are Megan Ellaby, Starr Clare, Kya Jones, Katerina Jane, Meg from Wonderful You, Sophie Rosie, Chloe Plumstead, Sophie Milner, Alice Catherine, and soooo many more!


Ah magazines.

If you know me, then you'll know that magazines are a huge source of inspiration for me.

You walk into my bedroom and you're greeted by magazine editorial, after magazine editorial pinned, blue tacked, and taped to my wall, and stacks of Vogue and other beautiful magazines piled by my bedside.

I'm a total magazine fiend!

The thing I love most about magazines is definitely the editorial spreads. 1. Because one day I do truly dream of being in one and 2. I am obsessed with how amazing the styling and aesthetics of some of them can be.

I also adore the adverts too - I'm forever tearing out the latest Gucci ads or drooling over the Celine pages  - it's just beautiful imagery that completely speaks to my soul!


Now, this totally depends on the kind of TV programme/film that you're watching, however, more often than not, I am sat, stuffing my face with food and staring tentatively at my Netflix screen, when I'm hit with that 'omg, that outfit is amazing' kind of feeling.

For example, ever watched Clueless? Is there any girl out there that doesn't want to walk round dress in double plaid like Cher? or squeeze into that cute little red slip dress that she wears? I don't think so. We become obsessed with it, and that's because the fashion is so. bloody. good.

Another suggestion for total #outfitgoals, are the girls from Mad Men in their 60's, sexy, office looks. There's just something about the super cute, mod, 60's vibe that always gets me!

Or if you want something super current, Nasty Gal is an amazing call too! Why can't I make amazing clothes like Sophia?!


Last but not least, and probably the most simplest form of inspiration I'm going to mention today is, walking through the street.

I'm forever bopping around in The Northern Quarter, staring at all the amazing fashion going on and then suddenly finding myself shopping in COW or Zara because I've just got bitten by the fashion bug.

Seriously, these people are STYLISH.

There's nothing more exciting than just seeing someone's amazing outfit through a crowd because it's so incredibly unique or eye catching, or they simply just look so overwhelmingly cool.

I think that's something that just makes fashion so amazing!

I also just get really inspired to write when I'm walking around town too.

I pop my earphones in, go for a little street up the high street, and BAM! I'm suddenly hit with a flood of ideas. It's such an easy way to get out of a writers block rut or remember that idea that you thought of in the middle of your sleep last night, haha!

How do you get your creative juices flowing? What inspires you? Let me know down in the comments below - I'd love to know!