I still love blogging.

I still love sitting here, typing away, my fingers passionately hitting the keyboard, whilst my eyes stare at the tiny letters popping up on my screen.

I still love shooting photos - whether that be self portraits, dragging my Mum out into the street and bossing her around for 20 minutes, or working with a photographer - I just adore the process.

I love editing images, planning them out in some beautiful order for my Instagram feed. 

I love scheduling tweets, getting excited for my future content, and for you guys to see everything I create.

I love being able to get things off my chest, to sit in my bed on a crappy day, and to vent my feelings here in my own little world.

That's the thing you see, this space is mine. 

I was recently reading Lizzy Hadfield's (Shot From The Street) post: For The Love Of Blogging, where she mentioned the fact that the best thing about her blog was that 'it *was hers*', and that really hit home with me. 

That's the exact reason why I love this whole 'blogging world' so much. 

I am in control of this little space - it's mine to express myself, to share and to create what I love. 

And, yes, although I think the 'blogging world' has changed so much over the past few years - being affected by the mass amount of people in the industry now, the forever changing apps we use and the fact that everyone's content is just sooo bloody good - it has never stopped me from loving doing this or being a Blogger. The passion I have for this is still well and truly there.

At the end of the day, this started as a hobby for me - as a way for me to drag myself out of my Depression and give myself something to do. And, I just fell instantly in love with the process of it all - I finally had the creative freedom I'd always craved. 

I just feel so incredibly lucky now that it's managed to become a career, because, at the end of the day, that means that I get to do things that I love all the damn time.

I get to write, photograph products, shoot outfits, create YouTube videos and edit them - it's crazy that I'm 19 years old and I get to do this as a job.

I am very grateful for that.


Sure, we as bloggers all go through the crippling ache of when an Instagram post is a total flop and gets a measly 200 likes in comparison to the one yesterday that hit 1,500, but things like that can never dampen how amazing I feel when I create things for this blog, when I get to meet other wonderful like-minded people, or when a post I've written helps or inspires someone. 

It's too amazing a feeling - there's too much love for this online world - for that to ever stop me doing this.

I'm not saying that I'll be blogging forever, or for the rest of my life, but even when the day comes where I do finally hit that 'publish' button for the very last time, I want to do so with a total love and adornment for this community, this online space, and what amazing experiences it has given me.

So yeah, I still love blogging. 

No Instagram algorithm or lack of engagement can stop me having a love for how creative and free this allows me to be.

No one can ever stop me from expressing myself here, and I love that.

"Do what you love. Love what you do"

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