I've had a year full of amazing memories this year, and as we head closer to Christmas I can't help but get incredibly sentimental.

You see, I'm the kind of person that remembers everything. I remember something that happened 7 years a go during some shitty art lesson in Year 6, and I'm also the kind of person that remembers that thing you told me to remind you to do this morning. 

However, when it comes to remembering the more poignant moments in my life - you know, the life changing stuff or the mushy moments, I like to find more creative, more fun ways to store those memories, rather than just keeping them up in my ol' noggin.

This is where Thomas Sabo have come to my rescue. 

Whilst I'd usually head towards a photo album or write in my diary (yes, I really do that), Thomas Sabo's Charm Club has allowed me to collect up all of my memories, store them beautifully, and simultaneously express my personal style and vibe. 

Over the course of this year, I really feel like I've changed and grown a hell of a lot. I've learnt to appreciate myself a lot more and realised that it's good to grow up and become a new version of yourself.

That's what I thought about when picking out these gorgeous pieces, and specifically, the beautiful silver charms - the "Red Heart" pendant and the "Arabesque Heart" pendant - were the perfect way to symbolise me learning the 'love' myself. 

You see, I love the fact that the charms are able to symbolise so much to me, whilst at the same time, channel my own sense of fashion.

I adore the bright red colour of the "Red Heart" pendant and the simplicity of the "Arabesque Heart" pendant, because for me, the mixture of simplicity and bright, bold colours, completely sums up my wardrobe.

Wearing them on this gorgeous choker, just helps add that extra bit of 'sass' that I love too.

When it comes to the other pieces that I picked out, I was influenced by the Victorian trend that comes back around every Autumn/Winter. (Yep, these were purely fashion orientated choices)

I loved the idea of wearing the "Iconic Ornamental Cross" pendant and "Black Cross" pendant, on this stunning silver charm bracelet, and, I have to say, they work beautifully together!

I think the way that a piece of jewellery has the ability to channel an entire trend into your outfit, just with small little details, is so amazing. 

For example, here where I'm simply wearing a black cami, the black choker and the silver charm bracelet, with the cross pendants, just immediately adds that almost 'gothic' vibe to the look. 

"I figured out that style is a part of your character"

So, if you're looking to cherish some personal memories, whilst also adhering to your personal style, or if you're simply looking to insert some A/W trends into your look, then head on over to the Thomas Sabo website (click HERE) and check out their Charm Club for yourself!

*this post contains collaborative content*