Today is the day, it's officially the launch of Thomas Sabo's Generation Charm Club - reinventing the world of charms!

"I have enough jewellery" - Said no one, ever"

This is so exciting for me: Thomas Sabo are a brand that I truly just love collaborating with and I actually got to model this collection for them at the beginning of the year, which was super super cool.

This collection is all about reinventing the idea of charms and how charms are seen and worn. It was originally launched in 1995 you see, but, Thomas Sabo are looking to make a Charm Club revolution!

Charms are no longer fitting the idea of stereotypical friendship bracelets and sentimental gifting (although that's still the loveliest way to wear pieces like this), but are now used more for styling, have a more 'grown up' look, and are used for layering to add that little bit of something extra to your looks.

Larger charms have been thrown into the mix, meaning that the idea of charm necklaces (which are perfect for layering) rather than the usual bracelets, are coming into play.

That's something which I think is really really unique.

The idea of mixing metals is also something pretty new to the whole idea of charms too.

Usually, you'd never see a silver bracelet with gold charms or a gold bracelet with silver charms, but now, fashion and style is much more free, meaning you are free to mix and match as much as you like!

The same goes for the kind of charms you chose to wear.

For example, I chose a gorgeous vintage letter, a long with a larger moon charm and a gorgeous blue evil eye one too - all from different collections. There's no stopping you taking inspiration from different looks and pieces them all together into something that you love!

Long necklaces are also something new to the Charm Club. They're perfect paired with a group of charms to create a gorgeous 'boho' 'festival' vibe. Plus, there's such a wide selection of charms to chose from at Thomas Sabo - from star signs, to new symbols of love, happiness and nature and even personalized letter charms - there's something for every kind of person to work with!

So, if you're interested in being part of Generation Charm Club too, simply head on over to the Thomas Sabo website by clicking HERE and get creative with some charms yourself!