Over the past year, there has been one thing that has truly been a huge contributor to my *slow* growing confidence, and that thing is... lingerie. Good ol' sexy lingerie.

There's something about slipping into a black lacy lingerie set that just makes me feel like, well... a hot. damn. goddess, you know?

"I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes." -Alice Temperley

I never really realised the impact the underwear I was wearing could have on me, or my confidence - to be more specific. 

I would pick comfy underwear. You know, the kind of underwear you wear on a 'sick' day, or the kind that have cute little stripes and polka dots on them? It wasn't until I turned 17/18 that I really took notice of the pieces I was choosing.

I guess that may have something to do with me getting older and wanting to feel a little more 'attractive', so to speak. But, whatever the reason, it truly has helped me come to terms with learning to love my own skin. 

This particular look is from B.tempt'd, one of my favourite brands to have underwear from. 

It's the 'After Hours' set and I simply cannot get over how amazing this set makes me feel!

There's something about this which is so beautiful and delicate, yet also so incredibly sexy, and I just absolutely LOVE that it manages to do it all.

I adore the way it's different to your usual bra, as it has the gorgeous shoulder detailing and bow at the back - it just makes it feel a little more special!

Taking notice and focusing on choosing good lingerie, has meant that I'm almost able to see myself in a kind of 'new light'. 

I feel GOOD in my underwear. I feel SEXY. I feel FUN. And, that's really made a huge difference for me.

Plus, there's nothing to say that choosing to wear 'sexier' pieces, or more detailed sets, is less comfortable. I still find that all my underwear is super comfy - which is an extra added bonus. (This set in particular is SO comfortable!)

I know you're all going to be wanting this set in your life too, so simply click HERE to check it out. OR, head on over to my Instagram and check out my cheek little giveaway (you never know, you could be the winner of these gorgeous pieces!!).

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