Something I promised myself this year is that I would read more... having said that, I've only managed to read 1 within the past two months *doh*. However, it hasn't slipped my mind that I need to up my reading game and I have a stack of books waiting for me to open my eyes to them.

I'd love to hear your suggestions on what books I should read - I love a book that I can get lost in on my 2 hour train journeys in and out of London, so if you've read something recently that you love, let me know!


1. Fearne Cotton 'Quiet'

I had Fearne's other book, 'Happy: The Journal', last year and it was honestly a massive help for my mental health. I loved opening it up every morning and jotting down my thoughts for the day. It was a refreshing start for me and always helped to clear my head.

For Christmas, my Mum, again, got me another of Fearne's books, this time it was 'Quiet' - I hand't heard much about it, but if we're going off the last book of hers, I am definitely going to like it.

It's apparently a book that helps "tame that bad inner voice" and lets us unleash our "confidence, courage, beauty, wisdom and belief" through the idea of a little quietness.


2. The Slumflower 'What A Time To Be Alone'

I began reading this book a little bit, however completely flaked on it like the lazy reader I am. I am for sure going to restart it though, as all I hear is people raving over it!

It's a book all about self-worth and, as the amazing "online sensation" she is, The Slumflower becomes your "life guru" and helps to show you how being alone is perfectly good for the soul.

This is something I definitely need - I've become very dependant recently and lost a little of my love for my own space and alone time. Hopefully this will reignite my independence a little bit!

3. Rupi Kaur 'The Sun and Her Flowers'

You all probably know I'm a bit lover of poetry. I love reading snippets of people's thoughts, laced into beautiful words and pasted simply on a page. There's just nothing that pulls at my emotions like it.

I adored Rupi's first book 'Milk & Honey', and couldn't wait to read her second. I bought this book a while back, but ended up losing it (probably in the streets of Manchester somewhere *cry*), however, my lovely boyfriend, Josh, got me another copy for Christmas, so I'm going to finally be able to finish it *woohoo*!

For those of you who don't know, this book is meant to be a "journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. It's a celebration of love in all it's forms".

After the year I had last year, this is definitely a book that I can relate to, and what better to heal my soul than a good bit of poetry, am I right?