Well hello hello hello, how are we all doing?

I thought I'd take a bit of time today to just sit down, write and have a good ol' catch up with you guys, filling you in on my life

I feel like I've been running round like a maniac lately, like a total busy bee, so it feels nice to tell you about what I've been up to (still, it's pretty mundane, but I'll tell you anyway)!


So, first things first, as I'm sure you've noticed, Hayleigh and I have been working together weekly to help each other with shooting content, planning outfits and just generally discussing work - and to be honest with you, it's been the dreamiest partnership.

It's wonderful to work with like-minded people, but it's also great because I just adore Hayleigh anyway. We get along and get the job done, so it's perfect!

It's been a massive help for me and I've been loving the content I've been producing - I hope you have too. It's just been great to know that if I'm lacking stuff to share with you guys, I will definitely have something done within the next few days - it takes away a little bit of the stress, which is great and certainly needed!


I've been an absolute roadie the past few weeks, going to see Josh and his band, Good Future, perform several gigs in Manchester.

Now, I'm no music/gig expert, but I've been really enjoying learning more about the whole thing (soon you'll find me in the background playing the tambourine). Plus, I just really love going to watch them. They're such a talented bunch of guys and I get very proud watching them (as I'm sure you can tell from the copious amounts of Instagram stories I share).

You can have a listen to them HERE.

Last of all, I've been writing a lot more lately. I've got so much swirling around in my head at the moment, that getting to sit down and focus on some writing for a bit has really helped.

Whether it's poetry or a blog post, writing helps empty my thoughts out a bit.

I've always found that though - whenever my brain is feeling too full-up of thoughts, that's when I'm most eager to write!

Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to cover soon, I'm always looking for a little inspiration!