It's no news to you all that my style revolves around a lot of gold accessories. I love the way it works with my outfits, my hair and my complexion, and I've always been drawn towards gold, I'm like a magpie when it comes to it - it's always been something I've seen as so classic and timeless. It's something that I love in everything I wear.

Gold just works for me, makes me feel put-together and ready to take on the day. You will know I wear my gold jewellery on daily repeat and that's why I've got to share with you these amazing new styling essentials from CALVIN KLEIN.

Let's begin with these gorgeous hoop earrings. These are the 'Groovy Earrings' and they're absolutely perfect for a kind of-minimalist girl like me.

They're a half-hoop, which makes them a little more interesting than your regular hooped earrings. I think it's little details like that, that can make all the difference when adding to your looks, plus they're such a beautiful shade of gold - so reflective of this lovely time of year with glorious morning sunshine.

I like my jewellery to feel noteworthy - worth paying attention too - and these earrings do just that. They're timeless and sophisticated, yet fit so perfectly with a more 'modern' look just as much as the vintage pieces I have in my wardrobe.

These are such as easy-to-wear piece too. They're the kind of thing that go with every look no matter what you're wearing and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. I just adore how a pair of earrings can be just as much a part of my outfit as a simple day-to-day piece of clothing can.

Then we have the necklace, also from the 'Groovy' collection, and there's just something about this piece makes me feel so special. The gorgeous engraving of 'CALVIN KLEIN' adds that exciting name to the piece, yet so elegantly and unambiguously, and again there's such a beautiful tone to the piece that makes it workable with all my looks.

It's a piece I grab for when my outfit has a little something missing from it, when it's in need of a little more 'life'. Adding an amazing piece of jewellery like this to an outfit can even boost my mood and give me more confidence in how I feel in what I'm wearing. It's wonderful what wearing a good necklace can do for me.

As someone who's so used to layering necklace over necklace, it's nice to just to have that one stand out piece in my collection which I can grab for and be on with my day, knowing that it looks good and makes me feel good too. It makes styling in a morning so much simpler.

Accessories can be a very personal thing for a lot of people, I know it can for me, so sharing this CALVIN KLEIN watch with you is very significant to me.

I've always struggled with watches: finding a style and shape that I like, finding one that fits my small wrists, finding one that I feel I could wear every day; however, the stunning 'High Noon' watch is perfect.

This is the kind of piece I've always been after. It's detailed and dramatic, yet still feels so graceful and smart to wear. It stands out beautifully in an outfit and is so eye-catching and bold. It fits perfectly too, with it's adjustable strap, which I've always found difficult when looking for a more 'masculine' style of watch. Plus, it keeps me on time for anything I might be busying about doing. What more could I want from a watch, right?

It's brilliant to feel like I've found the watch I've always been after.

Every piece in this blog post is so carefully designed and feels so luxurious - especially for someone like me to get to style. I love how these accessories have slotted perfectly into my every day looks and have managed to give me a kind of 'styling confidence boost' at the same time.

A piece of jewellery can hold so much power and especially at this time of year, it's nice to start accessorizing more when we're finally rid of giant fluffy coats and chunky scarves that they'd usually be hidden under.

I honestly could go on for days about this collection, I really could, but I'll leave you to take a look yourselves and maybe to treat yourself to a new Spring/Summer styling accessory.

Leave me a comment if anything here has caught your eye or if you're as mad for jewellery as I am too!

*this post is in a sponsored collaboration with CALVIN KLEIN*