I have never been one to own expensive things. At the end of the day, I'm a 20 year old, self employed, girl, trying to 'adult' in the big wide world - I haven't got enough pennies to be treating myself to anything over the price of about £30 (seriously, even the idea of paying for online delivery stops me buying something). However, my Mum is a grown woman, powerful as hell, and has a love for a designer bag. She's forever lusting over pieces she can treat herself to on a special occasion: birthdays, Christmas, etc. etc. She has a love for the finer things, don't we all? She's the one who kindly gifted me this amazing amazing YSL piece (big up Momma Ange!) and I just had to share it with you guys!

I think she picked this little beauty up in... Italy? I remember her ringing me to tell me how she'd found a beautiful YSL bag in a little boutique shop and was going to treat herself to it (ah to be able to do that... one day Holly, one day...). She brought it home and I was the literal definition of the heart eye emoji. Months after seeing it, sitting on the shelf at home, staring at me with it's puppy dog eyes, I asked my Mum 'can I borrow that bag one day?', lust in my eyes, of course, and outfit ideas already in my head. 'Oh you can have it' she said, 'I haven't used it really anyway'.

My heart skipped a beat!

I think she was going to give it to me for my 21st birthday anyway, but obviously I had to go and ruin that by asking about it, didn't I? Ooops. But yeah, regardless of that, here we are, me and my new bag on it's first outing.

Instantly, this bag makes my outfits feel so much more 'special'. I could be wearing head-to-toe Primark, but still be strutting around like Naomi Campbell with my YSL sidekick on my shoulder. It's that amazing gold hooped strap that just makes it stand out from anything else I've ever owned before. It's so eye-catching, yet simplistic and I adore the way it goes with my gold accessories.

Here, I've simply teamed it with my trusty charity shop M&S coat, a simple black tee, linen trousers and my new favourite boots from Nasty Gal - it's safe to say, this is a very 'me' outfit, which the bag works perfectly with.


A lot of my outfits revolve around neutral colours, or a bit more pastel has been thrown in there now that Spring is here, and I've found I've been in a bit of a rut when it comes to the pieces I accessorize with. I always grab for the same bags, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes it's nice to shake things up. I always opt for a black tote bag or a little white handle bag to coincide with the neutrals in my outfits, but as much as I love those pieces, adding in this YSL beauty with this recent look was really refreshing. The gold hardware was a nice change to a black strap, which would normally fade into my outfit, and the 90's shoulder bag style is something I'm really into.

I loved this look, letting the bag do all the talking. There's something so empowering about wearing a simple outfit like this and getting to style up my new fancy bag at the same time.

This bag will never not feel special to me!

Have you got a piece in your wardrobe that makes your outfits feel a little more 'distinctive'? Is it a bag, a blouse, a skirt? Let me know!