"You've made magic out of your wounds."

I mean, honestly, this isn't going to be a particularly long blog post guys, but I always like to have a little celebratory post to commemorate the years this blog has been around for.

So, yes, Happy 5th Birthday to my little creative space on the internet!

This blog has been my savior (as well as my constant strive and stress for perfection) over the past 5 years and I can't be more grateful to anyone out there that takes the time to sit and read my ramblings.

It's a space in which I created to get away from my struggles with my mental health, but became a way in which I could then move forward and share my experiences (as well as my passion for style and beauty, of course) in hopes to help others, whilst simultaneously just simply getting things off my chest.

Having this blog has brought me so much happiness and so many amazing experiences, but most of all, comfort in the fact that there are people out there, just like me, who deal with difficult times and are trying their hardest to triumph through it.

I never thought that starting this blog 5 years ago would become the solid foundation of my ever-growing confidence, and the standing point for always pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I wish I could travel back in time and show my 16 year old self just how much better life was going to get, purely from finding a hobby, creating a website and sharing what I loved.

To anyone that has followed me for the last few years, or even just starting stalking me on the 'gram' yesterday, thank you so much - you've given me so much more than I could have asked for!

Here's to more years of OOTD's, long honest blog posts and dorky Instagram stories that I will look back and cringe at in another 5 years time!

Lots of love to you all ♥