Half way through the year already, jeeez that's flown by. There's something I'm noticing as I grow older and it's simply that time doesn't stand as still as it used to - days, weeks and months are just passing me by, with only the occasional significant moment that slows down and let's me soak up the life that is whizzing past me.

Normally I tend to talk about my 'goings on' at the end of the year, in a kind of 'yearly round up', if you will, but with my 21st birthday fast approaching, and my memories fading with old age (you'll soon find me sat swaying back and forth in my rocking chair, surrounded by cats and knitting scarves...I'm kidding!), I thought it'd be quite nice to chat to you about what I've been up to this year, as well as everything that's being going on recently, and what's to come!


So I began this year with lots to celebrate: New Years Eve was amazing - I got to spend it with the love of my life, in our favourite Manchester bar, and have a good ol' cheesy movie kiss at midnight. We then celebrated Josh's (said love of my life) birthday, which was a nice little break away from reality for a few days before heading back into working life. We got ourselves a cheap little hotel in the middle of Manchester and just chilled out, stuffing our faces with Deliveroo orders and watching crappy TV - couldn't think of a better way to spend the first week of the year if you ask me!

Once all the partying was over, I threw myself into work at full-force with a whole new concept for my content. I'm so glad I made that move - I don't think I've ever been happier with what I'm producing than I am now. I decided to stop producing things for the sake of just 'churning out' content, or conforming to the ideas I thought people wanted to see from me. I took a step back and realised I wasn't putting myself into what I was creating anymore, so it's nice to finally feel like I can see 'me' in everything I produce.

I had a few fun shoots lined up with some of my faves, Holly Beson-Tams and Sophia J Carey, and got to collaborate with The Trafford Centre and have my images (kindly shot by Rhian Melvin) plastered around the shopping mall for all to see! And, well, it's safe to say, 15 year old Holly wouldn't have believed that if you'd told her 5 years ago.

The Trafford Centre has a weirdly, special place in my heart - it was my safe place to go out to with my Mum when I wasn't very well. We'd go early in the morning, as to not cause me any anxiety and leave before it got too busy. I remember always going for a look in Zara and then popping to Cafe Nero for a sandwich - never did I think that 5 years later I'd be representing the entire place itself all so proudly. I mean, my face was on billboards on the motorway for crying out loud, eeeeek!!

By February, work had gotten into full-swing and I was off here-there-and everywhere, starting with castings and shoots in London, then meetings at Selfridges and cute brunch spots, and even visits into Liverpool to try out a bit of Topshop Personal Shopping.

Whilst in London I got to collaborate with one of my favourite brands, Sister Jane - being involved in that campaign was so much fun and the outcome of the photos (shot in some dreamy Notting Hill home, with. a. POOL!) was so amazing! It was a crazy day filled with lovely people (and free food, who can complain?) and it was just so nice to be involved in something like that for a brand I love working with.

Once back home, I began shooting weekly with Hayleigh, which has definitely been the biggest benefactor in my content creation this year. Having someone like-minded to help you shoot and work on things is wonderful. It meant that I began to feel a lot more organised in terms of work, and knew I'd always have someone to help me out with shooting if I needed it - #girlpower #creativessupportingcreatives!

I also got to work with CJ and Christian on their launch of BOYGIRL Agency, and shot a bad-ass video which you can check on HERE on my IGTV. I love working with these two - they're both incredibly talented and if you're looking for someone to help you shoot some sickkkk stuff, you should definitely check them out!


March rolled around and Josh and I headed off to London for the day together - something which I should have planned better because it just involved me stressing out between castings/meetings and then dragging him round the National History Museum to look at Dinosaurs when it started pouring down outside (doh!), but it was nice to have him see what I get up to on a busy day - sometimes I'm worried people think it's all an illusion haha.

I also got to collaborate with my all-time favourite beauty brand, Bobbi Brown (you guys all know that I'm a huge advocate for their products - they take up 90% of my make up bag, for sure!). We worked on promoting their extended shade range for their Skin Longwear Weightless Foundation and their Skin Foundation Stick - products which I swear by - and it was so much fun to create. They're a team I always love working with.

In April, I got to see a lot more of my lovely friend Lauren Weare, who is always on call whenever I need something shooting, or just a good ol' catch up and a coffee. We worked on shooting some stuff in the Temple Studio in Manchester and you guys loved the outcome (see above!). Since then we've been working on shooting more blog stuff and are always hunting new locations, which I love!

That month, Marta Ferenc and I also worked on shooting my Collaboration with Calvin Klein (seriously, what a dream come true!). We spent hours shooting photos, filming video and were so overwhelmed with the response to what we had created together - couldn't be prouder to have worked on something for a brand I love with a photographer and friend I love so much too!

I also got invited down to London for a lovely lunch with Calvin Klein too - we had a beautiful 3 course meal, chatted about new collections and working together in the future, and it was just a lovely afternoon.

At the beginning of May I uploaded what was one of my most-read blog posts of all time, 'Dealing With Eating Disorders In Relationships'. I was so proud (yet very nervous) about this post, so for it to have received the response it did was incredibly lovely. You guys know I love opening up on here - it's my own little space to get honest and share my experiences. I'm hoping it was useful to those of you out there that read it!

On the 12th of May I got to attend the TV BAFTA Awards with Carat* London and honestly, it felt like a dream come to life. I got to walk the red carpet, be photographed like the celebs and be in the same room as DAVID FREAKING SCHWIMMER (side node: I'm a huge friends fan, so I basically nearly cried when he presented an award on stage). It was a day I'll never forget and I'll be forever grateful to Carat* for bringing me along to represent them and wear their gorgeous jewels!

I also got to work with Thomas Sabo on an exciting Social Media project - keep your eyes peeled for some images of me donning some beautiful Thomas Sabo pieces soon. We spent the day in sunny London, shooting around Brick Lane and Tower Bridge (with the occasional Pret coffee break, of course) and I can't wait to see the photos from it!

Lastly, Miss Selfridge took me along to Neighborhood Weekender, which was actually the first EVER festival I'd ever been to. I got to meet some great girls (Steph & Emily) and enjoy some fab music - my favourite was definitely Primal Scream, so so so good! It was so good I'm already begging Josh to go along with me next year!

And, here we are now, in June - the month of my 21st birthday (woohoo!).

Lately things have been a little quiet on the collaboration front, but mainly my focus as been on organising things for Milan in 2 weeks time! Josh and I decided to jet off to somewhere a little sunnier for my birthday, and I'm so glad we did- I mean, have you seen the weather lately? Yuck!

My mind has been consumed by all things 'holiday'... you know? Outfit planning, restaurant hunting... that kind of thing, but I'm super excited and can't wait to just have some down time away from everything.

However, I do have one cool update for you, I now have a part-time job! *applause please* 

I recently started working at Oliver Bonas in Manchester and I absolutely love it. It's a whole new ball-game for me to be working in retail, as I've always worked for myself, but it's definitely the next thing I needed to do to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Don't get me wrong, I love working for myself, but having those few days a week where I can just get away from my phone, and the online world, and focus on something else, is really nice and the change I think I've been after this whole year.

So, here's to new challenges, all that I've achieved so far this year, and my upcoming birthday in a warmer climate!

Hope you're all well and have had a good year so far - let's take on het next 6 months with a bang! ♥