Lately I've been loving our slow shift into the autumn season, and it's had me thinking about all of the pieces in my wardrobe, and what kind of things are missing in order to create the perfect transitional looks.

For me, A/W is all about layering; it's about big chunky knits and long coats, but also midi skirts and little woolen berets for the slighter warmer days too.

I love how through September - February we're able to experiment with style so much more, adding in different tones and textures, and re-working pieces from summer's past, into looks that work equally as well for chilly temperatures.

Recently, I was sent a few pieces by Nasty Gal, one of which was this gorgeous black tee dress, that has had me obsessed with planning how to style it ever since it arrived. It was just the kind of thing I had felt had been missing from my collection and it's sparked so many ideas that have me super excited to move into the next couple of months.


It's a piece that's perfect for the British Summer, you know?...not too 'little' that you're too cold, but not too 'much' that it's going to make you too warm? Yet it's also something I'd definitely want to work into my A/W wardrobe too. I guess it's just the perfect balance of everything (plus it's super comfortable and easy to throw on, what a dream!!)

This dress has had me thinking of all the different ways that simple pieces like this can be worked and styled, and it's got my brain spinning into an outfit planning frenzy.

I mean, it's nothing new to say that basic pieces are the easiest to be worn all year round, but it's a piece like this that just works so well for layering and adding textures to.

This Nasty Gal dress is a very wearable Polyester, which I know isn't everyone's favourite, but go with me here. It's an affordable price (only £15 right now... bargain!!) and can be worn loose and flowy, or be pinched in at the waist using the little material belt it comes with, or any belt for that matter. It looks chic and effortless, and you really can't go wrong with a LBD, right? It's just an easy-going, comfortable piece, with a very simple composition, which is perfect for adding to and dressing up or down.

I can picture this looking super elegant and sophisticated styled with a long navy duster coat and some heeled black boots, or if you prefer a more 'edgy' look, Dr. Martens would look amazing too. I can also see this working nicely with a chunky knit thrown over the top, and the little roll neck from the dress peeking through. The long length of the dress makes for a casual yet, put-together vibe and a beret would also be the perfect thing to channel some Parisian-chic into a look with this dress!

The beauty of it is, that this dress is just great on it's own too. As I stood shooting this, channeling my inner J-Lo and Angelina Jolie, I found I was getting so many glances (could have been because I was stood Vogue-ing in front of a library, but I'm going to put it down to the dress) and it made my very happy to know that a simple black dress is still as powerful as it always has been.

All in all, I just think tee dresses are the perfect staple for the weather we're having right now. Whether it's 21 degrees one day, or 13 the next, it's the kind of piece that's going to be easy to throw on and work around.

If you want to grab yourself a staple tee dress too, simply have a browse below: