As I write this on, what was supposed to be, my lazy Sunday afternoon (I'm a workaholic SOS), the sunshine is beaming through my window, I can hear birds singing bright songs to one another, and besides that, it all feels peacefully quiet. You see, this past week or two has really made me hone in those small little day-to-day things again. It was those simple things in life that made me begin my blog after all (hence the blog URL). I've missed taking time to look around me and notice things - really take in the world around me. Like, for example, this morning the sun was shining through my blinds SO beautifully, like a golden haze that had washed over my duvet covers and landed in the perfect spot, tickling my toes. It just prompted this sense of 'calm' within me and all I could think about was how magnificent it was.

I never really appreciated how simple and silent it is where I live before either, or that I have the ability to get outside, stretch my legs and breathe fresh air. It's so lovely to walk through quiet streets, occasionally passing a friendly neighbour (6ft gap between us, of course) and exchanging 'hello's. I think the world is always in this constant rush, that we forget that a simple 'hello', or a smile or two, can really make things feel a lot brighter.

I normally shun my hometown quite a bit too. I get fed up with the masses of fields and grass, hate that it's so far from the city and go crazy trying to avoid people from high school that I just can't be arsed to have that 'so what've you been doing with yourself?' chat with. But, lately, the love has come back. I'm cherishing the fact that I'm so out of the way here. I'm embracing the beauty of the fields and starting to adore the scenery that we're lucky to have.... (I am still avoiding high school acquaintances though haha).

It's weird to think back to a couple of weeks ago and where my mindset was at. I was so consumed by all of these things that now feel so irrelevant and unimportant.

I keep finding myself with scattered eyes as I try and take everything in around me. It's a wonderful feeling to just appreciate the beauty of a flower or the sound of someone's laugh. I mean, as airy fairy as it sounds, it's true. I love simple things like hearing the kettle boil as someone makes a brew, or my phone dinging with ringtone I set solely for Josh. I love flicking through magazines and seeing tones and colours that inspire me, or how pleasing it is to have ticks lined down my to-do list.

I hope this time spent in isolation leads me to looking through this new set of inspired eyes even once it's all over. I hope to remember that it's the small things in life that make me happy and that sometimes a simple walk round the corner can evoke that.

"you are the reason I get to do what I love."

All my love, keep safe x