I'm now one full week into self-isolation, and things are slowly but surely getting easier, yet still a little weirder, by the day. I've found a routine (kind of), found some things to focus on, and am learning a lot about myself through these days spent alone - I'm finding that kind of wonderful.

Although each day tends to bring different emotions and different levels of motivation, I'm learning to just go with it and listen to my body. Whether that means I spend all day shooting content, throw myself into some exercise (a rarity, I'm very lazy) or I literally don't leave my bed for 12 hours a day, I'm realising that it's totally okay in these uncertain times.

I think there's a lot of pressure to be doing *something* right now. Instagram is full up of people with these new hobbies, shooting beautiful indoor imagery, or socializing on House Party or Animal Crossing, but sometimes, I just like to be alone and be doing sweet FA.

With all the emotions that have come with the current situation, the simple day-to-day things can feel overwhelming at times - even that daily allowance of outside time can feel draining. I think it's important that we remind each other to cut ourselves some slack, this is such a bizarre thing to be living through after all, and it's okay to sometimes feel like the only thing you can handle today is brushing your teeth.

Sure, it feels great to get up, make that to-do list, and get on with things as normal, but life right now truly isn't very normal. We're all cooped up with people 24/7 (who, of course we love, but are beginning to drive us crazy at times), and have been completely thrown off balance from our normal routines. It's okay if you take a day to do nothing, and it's okay to do not be doing what everyone else is doing.

This time is so useful for us to really hone in on ourselves and understand what we as individuals need. Spend some time to look after yourself - not everyday has to be a 'success', it can just be another ol' day in the diary.

Don't feel bad about feeling. We're all human. ♥

"comparison is the thief of joy"