Since discovering Daisy as a brand, I have truly been head-over-heels in love with every piece of their's. I mean, it's safe to say that I'm a sucker for a gold piece of jewellery or two, and it's such a dream to have some Daisy pieces thrown into the mix (or should I say jewellery box).

Today I thought I'd share with you the Daisy pieces that I have in my collection, all of which are pieces I wear day-to-day and love ever so dearly. So, let's have a look, shall we?

*the pieces in this post have been gifted

First up we have the amazing Stacked Rope Charm Earrings which are 18ct gold-plated. I wear these earrings daily (you can even spy me wearing them on the site!). They're the perfect easy-wear hoop, that are so delicate and simple, yet manage to pack a punch despite they're small size of 11.5mm!

As the name suggests, they're designed to create a stacked earring look and it has certainly got me pining for some new piercings, for sure. I need a second ear piercing so I can start wearing these to their full stacking potential!

I love the shape of the roped bar charm, as I just think it's something a little bit different to anything else I have in my collection, and it's probably why I love wearing them so much.

Item price: £69

Then onto the dreamy Estée Lalonde Sunburst Shield Necklace which is also 18ct gold-plated. This is the first piece I ever received from Daisy and it was definitely what started my love affair with the brand!

It's the perfect layering necklace to pair with shorter pieces. It can be worn at 3 different lengths too, with the longest being 24". I love layering this piece with my shorter gold necklaces and styling it up with v-neck dresses and simple tees - it just helps add a bit of something extra to my outfits.

What I love about this piece the most however, is what it represents. The beautiful sunburst shield pendant is a gorgeous symbol of happiness and protection, which I think is really lovely.

Item price: £169

Last but not least, we have my most recent addition, which is also from the Estée Lalonde Collection, the Sunburst Signet Ring, also 18ct gold-plated, with a stunning sunburst design to match perfectly with my necklace!

I've been after a signet ring for SO long, so I couldn't resist finally getting my hands on this one. Again, it's got a lovely message behind it too, symbolizing happiness and protection and can easily be stacked with other rings or simply worn on it's own (I love to wear mine on it's own as I think it's such a wonderful statement ring!).

I love this piece for it's combination of a more masculine chunky style, but with the delicately detailed design on the front. It's something I love adding to a look with a simple blazer and denim jeans.

So, there we have it... 3 amazing Daisy Jewellery pieces that I, and my outfits, simply just could not go without!

Let me know which your favourite piece is and whether you have your eye on any of the Daisy collections too ♥

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